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TOPIC: DLA renewal

DLA renewal 7 years 8 months ago #13249

  • aarmic
Hi, my dla is up for renewal and though the form was sent to me some months back i have not been feeling very well and it has taken me quite a long time to get it completed. Could you please tell me the approximate deadline in weeks that a renewal form should be submitted.
I also have copies of reports that were prepared last year by my G.P and hospital consultant in support of my dla appeal and was wondering if i should include these with my renewal application or wait for the DWP to contact them direct as i have since developed an additional medical condition that was not included in my previous application for DLA.

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Re:DLA renewal 7 years 8 months ago #13256


Renewal claims used to be sent out about 6 months before an existing award was due to run out. Unlike first claims, I don't think that renewal claims have a date stamped on them, so it's up to the claimant to decide how quickly they return it. No doubt someone will correct me if I'm wrong

However, I seem to recall that the DLA Unit in Blackpool are now sending them out at 3 months, so it's best to send them back as soon as possible before your current claim ends.

This is the advice given about 5 weeks ago to another claimant by Crazydiamond, who used to work for the DSS as an Adjudication Officer ( now of course called the DWP and AO's are now called Decision Makers)

In view of your current position regarding your renewal claim form, I would speak to the DLA helpline on 08457 123456 and explain your current circumstances.

Normally if you miss the deadline for returning the renewal claim form, it will only be considered from the date it is received back at the DLA Unit. It may be the case however that you have "good cause" for not being able to return the claim before the deadline, as a result of the severity of your illness?

The DLA Unit should inform you of the best way forward in your particular situation, taking into account all the facts about your current circumstances and whether good cause can be shown to apply?

Hope this helps. If CD sees it, he will be able to confirm whether or not I'm right as I'm not a benefits adviser, mainly an Admin Moderator.

Good luck.


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Re:DLA renewal 7 years 8 months ago #13257

  • realfaithuk
So as a complex person, whom have OT so called one a4 size sheet , claiming this is a report, stating to me i sould enclude this in my review DLA FROM, and also of new meidcal person i see for treatment and items the ot had to put in my home to aid me, but not detialed in thier one sided a4 leeter, not a detailed report, is it lef for me, to explain, on the renew dal from, and is thier a risk i would lost the rate i am on at moment.? As i now need a wheelchir to use, but NHS not proviiding me a powered one, to use out doors. Then i been told via my soical worker about personal buget only at 100 pounds a week and not asseseement me for my mobity disablites for this side, to my the fudding pannel of local council , does this effect my DLA and income support.
The adult care team also failing me to at present. Yet i am in a polit area for perosonal buget to apoint my own carer, but on mental health grounds my soical worker and drs know i cnanot handle my own day to day affair or have a trusted perosn to do this for me, so i been asking what help thier is for me, for these complex mattters, but todate got nowhere, is anyone able to advice . I not able either to handle medicals by dwp dors, and condations i have, means i meet dwp regs on exemption,deos this also apply to dla calims or renew claims? i welcome a reply.

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Re:DLA renewal 7 years 8 months ago #13262


In my long experience send as much information as possible with your renewal. Take photocopies. Put your name and national insurance number on every piece of paper you send in. The more relevant info you send in the better. I wish you success. Lavenderlady.

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Re:DLA renewal 7 years 8 months ago #13698


It sounds like you have a lot of needs, and a lot of questions to be answered.

Perhaps you could contact either the Citizens Advice Bureau or some Welfare Rights Group in your area and ask them specifically for a home visit, if you are not able to travel. It sounds like you need someone to come alongside and sort stuff out.

As for DLA forms always give as much information as you can, particually adaptions, aids from Social Services.

You could also ask the Citizen Advice Bureau if they know anyone who could be with you when anytime a doctor visits you regarding your DLA.

Hope everything gets sorted.

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