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TOPIC: AA and Incapacity Benefit

AA and Incapacity Benefit 7 years 9 months ago #13275

Hello everyone,

My wife has been on IB since 1989 due to a back injury which she sustained at work which has left her very much less mobile and in a great deal of pain.

I am 72 and am currently completing the AA form with help from a couple of people as I am unable to do a lot of the writing beacuse of the arthritis in my hands and fingers.

My wife helps me as much as she possibly can throughout the day but I am very concerned that she may lose her IB benefit if I make reference to her helping me too much on the form!

Please could you advsie what I should say regarding who is actually looking after me and helping me throughout the day. My wife obviously does, and we muddle through the best we can but I would't want her to lose her long standing Incapacity Benefit in order for me to get AA.

Question 14 states, doees anyone else help you because of your illness?

Should I mention my wife here or not. Will it go against her if I mention that she opens my medicine etc for me. I am so worried how any information I put down may be misinterpreted by the decison makers.

What I do require is actual help for day to day living and making simple tasks simple again without my wife making herself worse and in a great deal of pain!

I would welcome any advice you may have for me

Thank you

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Re:AA and Incapacity Benefit 7 years 9 months ago #13280


The important thing to do is to tell the truth. Just because your wife is on IB doesn't mean she can't help you. All it means is that she is incapable of working. This is a different assessment.

Also when your wife hits pension age normally her IB is stopped and her state pension starts.

There is supplementary information on the B&W website to assist you in filling in the DLA form with advice.


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