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TOPIC: Stupid Question?

Re:Stupid Question? 7 years 5 months ago #13389


You do have a right to ask your GP to refer you to an Orthopaedic Consultant.

My husband had a fall and damaged his wrist in April this year. Things hadn't improved by the end of June so he asked our GP to refer him to an Orthopaedic Surgeon and he was seen in July.

It turns out a bone in his thumb is shattered and will need surgery.

Good luck.


Re:Stupid Question? 7 years 5 months ago #13394

  • boris1
you're within your rights to demand an mri scan to get a proper dignosis of your back problem.

Re:Stupid Question? 7 years 5 months ago #13418

Thanks dudes. I think a lot of GPs just rely on people not knowing what they are entitled to.

Re:Stupid Question? 7 years 4 months ago #14322

No luck whatsoever with the ESA situation. I finally managed to get an appointment with a consultant who can actually give me a diagnosis as to what is wrong with my back, but couldn't get one until March 8th.

Meanwhile I am stuck on JSA with no hope of getting a job because the second you answer the health problems questions honestly your application goes in the bin. If you don't answer them honestly and get a job, you can be sacked, even sued, for lying on the application form. And after they sack you you can't claim benefits because it's your own fault you got sacked.

So much for ESA meaning people with long term health issues don't sit and rot on benefits their whole lives feeling worthless and useless.

I am now seriously considering surgery as an option, even though I have been told it can make the situation worse rather than better, just on the off chance it may return me to 'normal'. Worst case scenario, if it puts me in a damned wheelchair at least they can't say I haven't got a problem!
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