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CAN YOU PICK UP A PIECE OF PAPER OFF THE FLOOR? 7 years 8 months ago #13358

  • lavenderlady
:laugh: I have been asked this question at least 10 times at DLA and IB medicals.

Every time the doctor always asks it with a smile as if it's a silly question, and or course you can pick up a piece of paper.Ha! Ha!:laugh:

:( :( :( :( :(

Do not, do not, if you have any bending problems smile back and make a joke of it. If you do the doctor won't take you as half as seriously. Not being able to bend down and pick something off the floor is not a joke. You wouldn't be laughing if you were feeling unwell in the street, and whilst using your mobile to ring for help it fell on the pavement and you couldn't pick it up and there was no-one around to help. You would be feeling panicky and distressed. It's nothing to joke about.

If you respond to this question with a sober expression and answer in a serious tone the doctors smirk will quickly leave their face and they'll take your answer with the seriousness that it deserves. They will quickly realise that they are dealing with a genuine claimant with genuine problems and difficulties.

British people have a tendency to make a joke and to make light of everything. In this situation you must behave seriously if you want the doctor to take your condition seriously.

I never never ever smile at jokes at my expense from doctors or get shirty over sarcastic comments like you have :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: falls, but you haven't broken any bones.Ha! Ha! Respond as if they have stated a serious question and respond accordingly for instance, Thank God no, but the bruising is often extensive and painful and it knocks my confidence. A serious thought provoking reply that conveys the facts seriously will again wipe the smile from their faces.

Spend time thinking of all the times you have dropped something and couldn't pick up. What did you do. How do you cope. Do you have any aids? If you try to pick something how do feel? what happens? How are you afterwards?

Think of this 'piece of paper' as your post, a dropped pen, keys, book, plate, cup, spilt liquid, dropped tables etc..

British people have a tendency to make a joke of everything, but in this situation seriousness is required and soberness. This is a legal medical. Everything you say is immediately written down and you cannot retract it. Once the doctor has written it down it stands.They will not keep crossing out things and rewriting things for you. Your first answer as far as they are concerned is the truth, so do do think think before you speak. You must think very very carefully before answering any question and speak slowly watching the doctors pen so you are giving him or her time to write it down.

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Re:CAN YOU PICK UP A PIECE OF PAPER OFF THE FLOOR? 7 years 8 months ago #13384

Hi L,

Sound advice indeed !


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