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TOPIC: doctors report

doctors report 7 years 8 months ago #13419

  • ray preece
I am awaiting a tribunal,the welfare rep said the time and date depends on how quick the gp responds,well its been 3 weeks so i went to see my gp,he said its not a case of ticking boxes and filling forms in i would need a full medical by him or someone at the practice.is this usual

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Re:doctors report 7 years 8 months ago #13422

Hi Ray,

Actually, I don't agree. The date and time is mainly down to how busy the Tribunals Service Regional Office is that has to organise the appeals and venues.

I'm not sure if it's usual for GP's to put their patients through a full medical; an educated guess would be no, since the DWP normally send your GP a form to complete and I'm fairly sure it says the GP doesn't need to see you to complete the form. However, you don't say which benefit you're appealing against, presumably it's either for DLA, IB or ESA.

On the other hand you may just have an excellent GP who feels it would be best if he examined you to give them the best picture of any care or mobility needs if you're appealing a DLA decision, or if for IB or ESA, then it will give the GP a full picture on your ability/inability to work.

Currently, depending upon which benefit you're appealing, it's taking around 12 weeks, often longer due the increasing number of ESA appeals and how busy the particular venue where your appeal will be heard, which normally is the one closest to your home.

If it's a DLA appeal, then if you're able to accept an appeal at short notice, it's often possible to get a quicker hearing, since for all kinds of reasons appellants have to cancel their appeal, and rather than waste the slot, the Clerk to the Tribunal will always ring round and try to fill it.

This is my first post on the forum for quite a few weeks, as I've been in hospital with severe chest problems. I'm actually supposed to be resting, so I won't be online much again this week, if at all.

I'd just like to thank all moderators and members who've been regularly asking about me.

Kind regards.


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Re:doctors report 7 years 8 months ago #13423

  • ray preece
Thanks for the reply jim and i hope your health gets better soon.
if anyone else has any thoughts on this im appealing esa..many thanks...

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