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TOPIC: M P Help ?

M P Help ? 8 years 3 months ago #13428

Hi all,
Having given up on getting any help from my MP as no reply had been forthcoming I just posted saying "thats it for now, I posted my appeal form yesterday and want to take a break from what has been an incredibly stressful time"
Then the postman came and...you guessed it a reply from my MP ( Christopher Fowler ) saying he understood how I would be feeling due to the complete retractation of my awards in just 5 weeks, and would be happy to take on my case to try to help.
Now what do I do ?
Would it help or harm my situation ?
If I ask him to investigate will they get annoyed because I have already got a WBO or could it make them take notice more quickly, even put their backs up ? OH OH OH what shal I do now.
Any advice or any one had their MP involved? Please give me your thoughts if you feel up to posting. Thanks in advance.

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Re:M P Help ? 8 years 3 months ago #13432

  • kathy1
Hi elljay,

Fist of all try not to get yourself all worked up, you havt broken the law, you simply have a disability and you are fighting for your rights. NO-ONE should get their back up at you for following whatever course of action you take in order to do this.

Even though you have posted your appeal form you can still continue right up to the date of the appeal send in any information relating to your appeal. If it has already got to the appeal stage, thats where it has to go next under the law, so regardless as to whether your MP is involved or not, the tribunal still have to decide.

I will be attending my appeal soon, I had written a letter to my MP asking him to raise to questions for me with the healthg minister in parliament, he did and I have a copy of the letter which I am taking to my tribunal with me.

Good Luck


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Re:M P Help ? 8 years 3 months ago #13442

  • lavenderlady
Hi Elljay

I think it's great that Mr Fowler MP wants to take on your case! MP's have a lot of clout and a letter from him to the DWP will I think work wonders. The purpose of the letter will be to try and get the DWP to sort your problem out as quickly as possible.They will have to write to him and let him know what they have done. They'll all be rushing round like mad bees trying to resolve the problem, because no department wants an MP on their back. If this problem can be resolved without going to Tribunal, all the better for you. Less stress, and more peace of mind. Don't be afraid. This offer of help is a gift from heaven and I feel sure the MP's intervention will lead to a very positive outcome for you. Be strong and courageous and don't worry. There is no need. I wish you the very best.

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Re:M P Help ? 8 years 2 months ago #13991

Thanks for that lavenderlady, what a lot of stress this situation puts on all of us though. We need as little stress as pos to feel better and yet they make sure we have a great big lorry load !
I am writing my reply to my MP though he has said in his letter he will soon be standing down due to his wife,s ill health so I guess he is more likely than many to understand some of our needs. I so appreciated his offer to get involved and recommend anyone to write to their MP, it cannot do harm.
Thanks again, Elljay

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