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TOPIC: DLA for two.......

DLA for two....... 7 years 8 months ago #13465

Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum as in the past I have had nothing but great help and advice from the dreaded DWP.
Just a brief outline of my situation, I have had DLA for over 3 years now and have now been awarded it for an indefinate period having Severe COPD, on oxygen etc etc.
Now my best friend, Carer and wife of 36 years has been diagnosed with a degenerative problem with her spine, two vertebrae are crumbling away. There is currently no surgical option so she has to try to grin and bear the constant pain albeit with the help of Morphine and many other pills, potions and drugs.
She has applied for DLA and has sent reports from the consultant and the DLA have asked for and got supporting evidence/reports from the GP. Now , surprise surprise they are going to send round a Doctor to examine her at home, by the way she only found this out after ringing them to find out what was happening with the claim.
So what I am looking for is some basic do's and don'ts for the visit and if she is successful in the claim what benefits can we get or not get, the DLA site seems a little confusing when it comes to carers allowance, we currently get IS and HB plus my wife gets carers for me.

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Re:DLA for two....... 7 years 8 months ago #13510

  • realfaithuk
do you have a wefare rights worker in your area , you feel you able to trust, as i understand where your comming from. as this site , when i am able helps with tips to download, about what you ask too. Yet i two have all medical reports andot reports etec should be on higer rate and yet i tired to get a lawyer last year to help me, before my op, and found out only she messed up my case, and i tried to ger her to appeal the stopping of my severe part of my benefit and of the dla to yet its all a big mind field trying to get right info and support, too. i not sure if you need a good legal adivce if it comes to it to see if medical doctors ground from the dwp. why they need to do thier assesment, dispite from your post what you say, they have already, as this is also what i am very concerned about myself to, i medical unwell to cope with any medicals, so i would like to know if you get any where , with what your asking about, only wish i could help you! :

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