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HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR FUTURE? 7 years 9 months ago #13570

  • lavenderlady

B) B) B) I have been asked this question at all my 5 IB and 5 DLA medicals. When I was unemployed it was also asked at job centre interviews and job interviews.

Why do they ask this question?

1. Firstly, they want to find out what makes you tick, whether you are an upbeat person:cheer: with plans or downbeat, stuck in a rut.:(
2. Are you depressed.:(
3. Are you fearful, worried, anxious:S
4. Do you see your future as bleak and hopeless or are you optomistic and cheerful.:laugh:
5.They judge by your answer whether they consider you are motivated, lazy, apathetic, depressed,a misery guts or in need of counselling and direction.
6. They want to hear what your plans, dreams are. Whether it be 'I'd love to do this', or 'we are planning on doing that'
8. What they are hoping to hear is an action plan for your difficult situation.
9. When you consider this question, 'How do I see my future' it is important to stop and consider how your answer might appear to someone else who does not know you.
If you heard someone else give your answer how would you view them? Be honest.

The answer you give to either a doctor at an IB Medical or Job Centre employee should and must be different.

At a job centre interview it is essential that you appear motivated, willing to work and co-operative.
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
If you are too ill to work you must express and show a willingness to work despite your feeling too ill to work.
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
Even though you know you are unfit to work and couldn't do what they require day in, day out, you must state a particular job, that if the worst comes to the worst, you can at least try to do.

Give every suggestion careful consideration.B) The reason I say this is that it is essential, paramount that you appear co-operative and willing to try.:) :) :)

The fact that you can't do it, is neither here nor there, what matters is that -

Everyone loves a tryer.:) :) :)

Don't worry about not being well enough to do it. At the moment all that is required is that you demonstrate that you are willing to work.:cheer:

If the worst comes to the worst, as a first option Consider work in your local council.They are used to accommodating special needs and you could be just:cheer: used as a little bit of extra help.The Private Sector will not carry weak people, but local councils are obliged to be open and considerate more to peoples work / health needs. You'll get a more sympathetic and supportive response.

You might as a very sick poorly person be willing to work but would any right thinking employee want to employ you if they knew that you were unwell and too ill to work? I think not. Who wants to employ an unreliable person?

If I was sent to a job interview I would tell the person interviewing me that I would try and work to the best of my ability but I couldn't guarantee that I would be able to do a full days work five days a week because I'm not well. I would say it is my intention my desire to work, but I don't know if I'll be able to make it every day. Also I would mention all my symptoms that prevent me from working so they will know exactly what they are taking on!This is one way of handling a work interview when you are too sick to work. I'm sure you will think of others.

What is essential is that you show by your words and actions that you are willing to work.Think about every action you could take to show you are willing to work and making plans for your future.

Never, never go on and on about the job centre about how wrong it is to be made to work when you are sick.This won't help you because this will be viewed as being unco-operative. Keep quiet about any appeals about being taken off IB and made to work. Tell no-one. Also, be very careful who you say what to to everyone there. Walls have ears, and people can repeat things you've unwisely said.

Who would want to employ someone who says they don't feel well enough to work?
I wouldn't.
Who wants to employ someone who cannot guarantee they can be there to work?
I wouldn't

There is no right or wrong answer to the question HOW DO I SEE MY FUTURE? But there is an answer that is appropriate to the situation you are being asked it in.So do mull this over and make a list if it helps.

Over 13 years my answers to this question HOW DO I SEE MY FUTURE? at IB and DLA medicals have varied from;

1. I don.t know. I really don't know.
2. I don't know. Only God knows the future. I mean who knows what the future holds.
3. I feel so ill, I can't plan ahead because I don't how I'll be
4. I think I'll go on and on the same. I can't see much change.
5. I just take one day at a time. It's hard to plan because of my illness.
6.I can't see much improvement.And I hope I don't get any worse.
7. I'd love to be well enough to work but I know I'm not and I can just about manage taking care of my basic needs.
8. I think it'll be much the same. I really don't know.
9. i'm struggling to cope looking after my basic needs like washing and dressing. I couldn't cope with a job
10.I hope things will improve.I think everything will be the same though because I haven't improved. I miss working and the social aspect. i wish I felt well enough to work.

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