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TOPIC: Medical not as bad as expected. what now?

Medical not as bad as expected. what now? 7 years 8 months ago #13717

Hello all, I joined this site a few weeks back but this is my first post.I thought i would let you know my experience so far as it may help others who like me are worried about the whole process.
I applied for ESA end of August having no idea what it was i thought it was still income support B) Never heard of ESA anyway to cut a long story short i was called in for the first pathways to work interview by phone an appointment was made but on the day i was unwell so i phoned and told them i was to ill to attend, the guy on the phone made me an appointment for the following saying i must attend that one, to which i replied i would if i can breath, he was rude and said "i have had to come to work with a sore throat today ,we all have to do things we don't like sometimes :evil:
I made that interview, they were very nice to me there, in fact the interviewer said he would make a note that i was struggling to get my breath.

Next came the dreaded medical . but i was so surprised that after a few questions the medical examiner asked to be excused for a few Min's , when she came back she told me she had spoken to another Doctor and there was no need to go any further :) she also told me she would put me in the support group and i would not be contacted again for 5 years at which time if i just sent a list of my medication i would not have to go back again.

By the way i have severe breathing problems and receive HRM on DLA.

So it wasn't anywhere as bad i expected.
I hope this puts someones mind at ease.

My medical was on 1/12/09 havent heard anything yet in wrighting. how long does it normaly take to be put on the higher rate?

Any questions please feel free to ask:)


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Re:Medical not as bad as expected. what now? 7 years 8 months ago #13722

  • lavenderlady
Hi Susan

Your experience doesn't put me at ease, simply for the fact that guy on the phone when you indicated breathing problems said you MUST attend the next day and then winjed on about his sore throat!

Excuse me, but there's a world of difference to having a sore throat and not being able to breath.Comments like that are very very worrying. It's just not on, that kind of behaviour.It's a pity someone couldn't write a letter on your behalf complaining about that.I certainly would. It's a cruel remark to make especially when that guy knows you'd be worried about losing your benefit. It must puts more stress on people who are already stressed by being sick.

I'm glad it had a happy ending for you.
Best Wishes:)

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