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TOPIC: Asthma V1 document

Asthma V1 document 7 years 5 months ago #13718

  • koolkatz_casper
I read the Asthma V1 document with interest, and am pleased DWP are finally accepting that people with severe Asthma do have daily problems, even if they only make note of Brittle Asthma - which is just one distinct form of severe asthma.

I am assuming this document is only used for adults with asthma and that for children decision makers still refer to the handbook which is really out of date and basically gives incorrect information for children at the severe end of the spectrum.

I am asking as it states on the V1 doc that if a person has had their condition for more than 5 years an award should be indefinate. I am assuming this is only for adults as childrens care needs change with age. My son is 14 and was originally awarded HRC and HRM until his 16th birthday which I assume then classes him as an adult. If his claim is renewed at 16 would he then be awarded what ever he gets indefinately or would he have to have the condition for 5 years as an adult for this to apply?

I doubt he would get more than LRC as an adult as he currently receives this as he does not look after himself (ie pushes himself too hard, doesn't take his medication, refuses to go to hospital when he is ill etc). I don't think this attidute will change as he gets older, and he will continue to put himself at risk. Would this be considered as an adult as he has no learning difficulties or mental health problems?

Thanks for reading - and sorry for rambling!

Re:Asthma V1 document 7 years 5 months ago #13719


Could you please give us a link for the Asthma V1 document.

I've also edited your screen name as it was your full e-mail address, which isn't recommended posting in an open forum, otherwise you will be deluged with junk mail.

However, you'l need to change it yourself to make it permanent, by choosing 'My Profile' at the top of the forum page.


Re:Asthma V1 document 7 years 5 months ago #13724

  • koolkatz_casper
I found the document on this site last year. Sorry don't have the link, but do have it saved on my computer if this helps.
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