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TOPIC: worried ESA medical soon

worried ESA medical soon 8 years 3 months ago #13749

  • courgette
hi I am new and i have just join this forum today. I have to have a medical for my ESA 10 month after i have applied, i was orignally ptu ointo the support group with no medical. then i receive a second ESA 50 questionaire 2 month agos and send a letter which i have received today asking ot arrange a medical which my partner did today . I have depression and Borderline personality disorder amongst other thing and this medical is sending my stress way too up if it is make sens whichis not very good at the moment. I am really worried that my claim will be disallowed as it is my only source of income. i wonder hwo the medical is done and if i have anything too worry about ? thanks sorry for the rant.

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Re:worried ESA medical soon 8 years 3 months ago #13752

  • karene50 davis
Hi. I had my medical just 2 weeks ago. I have been on contribution ESA for 8 weeks.
The doctor i had was really nice, i was asked all sorts of questions some of which i got very muddled with but he directed me in my answers.
I am now waiting to hear the outcome of it but am not holding out much hope cos if you read on the forum it seems to be so hard to get ESA seems you have to be nearly dead to get it.
But will appeal just like everyone seems to have to.
But hey keep your chin up and just tell them how you are. I also took letters from my GP, Rhumy and my mental health councellor but he did not even look at these so i am keeping them so if i do have to appeal i will send them in with the appeal forms.
Karen x

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Re:worried ESA medical soon 8 years 3 months ago #13753

  • lavenderlady
Hi Courgette,

One of my favourite vegtables!

I think what you need to try and cultivate is composure. Being quiet, thinking before you speak, consciously speaking slowly and carefully and trying to keep your sentences short and to the point.

It is very easy to ramble in a medical, so do consciously just keep to the point and only answer the question you are asked. Don't feel the need to elaborate too much.

Don't talk fast and do look the person in the eye when you are speaking.

Don't try and fill silences, because you'll find yourself waffling over something and saying something you might regret later.

My errors at medicals always occur when i don't think before i speak or make an off the cuff remark.

Take someone who knows you well to the medical, but don't let them dominate it. It is your medical and the doctor wants to hear from you. It is useful to have them there because if they can make one or two short imputs it will help.

If you have a community psychiactric nurse, counsellor, therapist, vicar, GP who knows you well you could consider asking them to write a letter to take to the medical. Do take a photocopy of the letter and or course read it! and only submit if in your judgement you consider it wise to do so. It's not going to help you if the letter is negative.

Try and think one day at a time, and one situation at a time. Focus one day at a time.

Read and re-read all the relevent info on this website. Also if your partner is helpful ask him/her to read it too.

Make a list. Write down all your difficulties and care needs.Be honest with yourself about your needs and don't feel ashamed of admitting not being able to cope.

If you have ever thought or attempted suicide then you must mention this on forms. Also tell them if pressure, stress etc has ever caused you to attempt/contemplate suicide.

Give examples of what has happened in the past when you have tried to work whether voluntary or paid.

If you can express yourself better on paper than verbally, then there is no reason for you not to take a prepared written sheet listing why you don't believe you are fit enough to work. Do it in point form 1 - 10. Read it out.

I would suggest that you do not admit to watching television or using the internet. You don't want to come across as a lazy couch potato who lies on the settee all day eating crisps!

They will ask you how you spend your time.
Think about this carefully.

In life things always sort themselves out.At the time you think nothing will ever change for the better, but invariably it does. So don't lose heart.


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Re:worried ESA medical soon 8 years 3 months ago #13755

Hi Courgette,

I too have just joined, and also received yesterday a notification that I am to have another medical assessment by an Atos appointed doctor on January the 5th.

This is very depressing, as the last one I had in 2006 gave me only 12 points and I failed it.

To cut an extemely long stressful story, and after two (initially refused) Tribunal Appeals, I eventually won the second on an error of law,(the Atos doctor and one of the tribunal judges opinionated ridiculously about my condition completely unrelated to any medical evidence, and in error of the facts of law) - and I had all they had denied me for 18 months, returned to me. (minus any apology of course!):S

I used the services of the CAB, and their knowledge, and support is invaluable, but also your own determination to never give in to the ****'s! Use the law, to recompense for their manipulated lying reports, as they make frequent errors in their fabrications, and conveniently purposely missing information.

It gives me some comfort that I now have this forum, and the people here, and the organiser's knowledge to increase my own.

The Gestapo rely on people giving up, and they hope we all die, preferably. We all realise here, that extreme hypocrisy and the Mafia are running the country, and making decisions for the sick and disabled! But you must fight! Good luck, and I hope you find the help and support here you need.

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Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them. = (Bob Dylan)

Re:worried ESA medical soon 8 years 3 months ago #13758

  • courgette
thank you all for your kind answer ,, i am a bit better but i wasnt that very well yesterday ..... i will prepare things on paper so to make it easeir. but after reading the pdf info on ESA medical in the member section there is still some question i have no idea how to answer, such as what I do durign the day well not a lot apart sleeping because my med made me fell drwosy , i have no hobbies because i can't be bother. oh i have started a mediation course wit hmy partner tohelp alcm me down shall i mention this or not ?

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Re:worried ESA medical soon 8 years 3 months ago #13761

  • lavenderlady
Hi Courgette

Glad your feeling a bit better. Personally, I wouldn't use the phrase 'can't be bothered', if your asked about hobbies, rather say you don't feel well enough to do it and mention how drowsy your meds make you. Mentioning the mediation course is helpful because it demonstrates you are trying to help yourself. Do emphasise it is the drugs that are causing you to be so drowsy that you need to lie down and sleep a lot. Just so they recognise that you are sick and not lazy.

Best Wishes

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