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ESA, 7 years 5 months ago #13791

  • Salocius
I went for a medical beginning of the month, Have recieved a letter from DWP to say that I have been put in the Work related group - been to one pathways interview where the person said that i was wasting his & mine time but however would continue with it but he'llt ransfer me over to his collegue.
Today I receive another letter from Atos asking to arrange an appointment for another medical, I can't get through to them but it says i have 2 days from the letter to do it so now confused!

Any advice?

Re:ESA, 7 years 5 months ago #13814


It seems very unlikely that you are being called to another medical within two weeks. However, you do need to follow this up just in case. If you can't get through to Atos on the phone try looking up the number of your MPs office and ask them to call either Atos or the DWP for you as they have a number that actually gets answered.

Good luck,


Re:ESA, 7 years 5 months ago #13823

  • Salocius
I managed to get through to them, its for the 2nd part of the assessment. I explained that I'm going for an op on Thursday and don't know what recovery is going to be like so they have given me an appointment for the 4th. orginally they gave me 18th which is unpractible really.
I called 0121 7798700 and got through quite quickly. I had a missed call from them over the weekend but was too ill to pick it up so i googled the number.

So far so good they've been ok with me, I was very wary of them after reading loads of bad experiences from them. May be i just lucky :S

Re:ESA, 7 years 5 months ago #13826

Hi Salocius,

So not really a medical at all, but your Work-Focused Health Related Assessment which should have been carried out at the same time as your medical rather than obliging you to make two separate trips.

You can read about what happens at a WFHRA in our Introduction to ESA guide in the members area.

Could you do us a favour and come back after your WFHRA and let me know if it's the same doctor/nurse who carries it out. It's something I'm growing curious about.

Good luck,


Re:ESA, 7 years 5 months ago #13858

hi Steve
when I went for my wfhra it was a GP I saw whereas my original assessment was with a (male) nurse. Both were professional and kind.

Re:ESA, 7 years 5 months ago #13876

I had similar trouble contacting ATOS by phone. I phoned the local Jobcentre and told them I had been trying to get through to Cardiff. They advised me they had the same problem and told me to write to them about it, which I did. I had been phoning Cardiff, getting through, hearing the recorded message, and then being cut off.
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