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TOPIC: One final bit of advice Re; Tribunal,please.

Re:One final bit of advice Re; Tribunal,please. 7 years 5 months ago #13909

Hi Lavenderlady, and All,

Just back from Tribunal, and guess what....... They have advised that a medical report be obtained from an EMP. Was only in the room about 10 minutes, but judging on a conversation that took place between myself and the doctor, I am hopeful. Basically, have to wait a while longer, probable after Crimbo, but needs must.

LL, I cant thank you enough for all that you took the time to suggest to be last night in your PM, but I am soooooo glad I took your advice. Now get youself a wee box of Black Magic, or Milk Tray and we'll have a wee mini celebration on coming at least this far.

If there is one piece of advice I can give anyone else waiting on the outcome of a decision on their benefit, is to try and stay calm, deal with it in stages, accept that you may have to be patient, read, read and read agin the brilliant guilds on this site that all the moderators point you to do, and if you are lucky enough to have lavernderlady give you advice.....Take it.

Thanks to Steve, Pat Jim, Crazydiamond for continually supporting me, and hope it isnt too long before I may be able to bring another sucess story to the forum.


Re:One final bit of advice Re; Tribunal,please. 7 years 5 months ago #13911

Hi Kathy,

So sorry that the tribunal felt unable to reach a decision without an EMP report.

The legal member who directed that your paper hearing be changed to an oral one could have contacted the DWP Decision Maker and requested that they arrange an EMP visit before your tribunal hearing. Why they didn't do so is beyond me. !

Most likely it will be the New Year by the tribunal's request for an EMP report gets through the system and the EMP prepares his report and submits it to the Tribunals Service to pass to the tribunal.

At least your appeal wasn't turned down and eventually I think your perseverance will lead to a successful appeal.

Please keep us informed.

All the very best for Christmas & the New Year :)


Re:One final bit of advice Re; Tribunal,please. 7 years 5 months ago #13965

  • lavenderlady
Hi Kathy:)

I'm glad to hear your feeling upbeat after your Tribunal.

It is worth giving some thought to whether you want a female or male EMP visiting you. You are allowed to request a female doctor if you want one, but I doubt you would as a female be able to request a male doctor. That might be viewed as discrimination in this mad politically very 'correct' world we live in.

It's all about which sex you feel the most comfortable talking to.

Have a very happy Christmas and I wish you a very healthy and happy new year.

Kind Regards

Re:One final bit of advice Re; Tribunal,please. 7 years 5 months ago #13977

Hi lavender,

I was really upbeat yesterday because from the minute I left my house the nerves seem to leave me. The clerk was a real gent, and all three on the panel were nice. The LQM didnt even begin the process of introductions or anything else, he just basically said that while I had plenty of medical evidence it was old and they just wanted something more up to date, thus the EMP.

At this stage it can be man woman or beast, just providing they get it right. So we will just have to wait and see, I'm not going to get all worked up about it, it's going to happen so time will tell.

Have a great Christmas yourself, and I'm sure we will have plenty to debate in the new year.

Ta Ra for now

Kathy x
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