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TOPIC: Esa work related Activity group

Esa work related Activity group 7 years 5 months ago #13921

  • chunksbredda Wilson
Wondering if someone can help?
I am recieving dla HR & mobilty HR, due to suffering from copd,{lungs working at half the norm} and i have constant pain in my knee joint following a motorcycle accident {2 years ago},which means i can only walk a few metres without severe pain and breathlessness. My wife is also my carer as i need constant help.
I have undergone a Atos medical {at home after getting my MP involved} and have now just found out i have been placed in the work related activity group.
My question is what is now expected of me? will i have to attend meetings with an advisor? if i do what can they force me to do? i.e..will i have to attend courses or classes? or is it just see someone once a month?
The reason for my questions are i'm not sure whether to appeal the decision.
Any thoughts?

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Re:Esa work related Activity group 7 years 5 months ago #13927

Hi chucks,

Based on my husbands experience, he recently was assessed and has to attend the local job centre once a month for work focussed interview. This is because the Dr who carried out his medical has considered that at some stage an improvement in his condition will be likely, thus likely to return to work.

The discussions are with an advisor who assess how ypu are, any improvements etc. I think you have to attend around 5 or 6 of these.

If you feel that working is unlikely for you, I think you can appeal the decision and ask to be considered for a support group instead, this is for people who they feel are unlikely to be in the position to work.

Im not sure how you stand because you receive HRC, I know that with the old incapacity benefit, you would not have needed to attend a medical for work as you were automatically exempt. have you only been awarded your HRC recently, were you ever on the old incapacity benefit. Sorry cant be of more help.


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Re:Esa work related Activity group 7 years 5 months ago #13940

  • chunksbredda Wilson
Hi Kathy,
Thanks for getting back to me.
No i have never been on IB, i was only diagnosed in March and placed on dla shortly afterwards.
I phoned the esa office this morning as the letter said for an explanation.
The first girl said she isnt medically trained so she cant comment? she went on to say that someone who is will call me back which he did.
But he said that my file was in another office and it takes about 3 days to get it back so he cant tell me what part of the medical i passed only that i passed it.
I told him that i have severe difficulty walking more than 30 metres and i think i shouldnt be in this group.
He told me that i can start an appeal now against the decision to be placed in the wrag.I declined this as i would rather like to know what the doctor has said i can do first.
So i'm now waiting until next week to see what the dr has said.

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