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TOPIC: DLA medical

DLA medical 8 years 2 months ago #13998

  • Sue1975
Hello all,
I have been getting DLA, middle rate care and high rate mobility, since 2005.
I have Autoimmune Hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. The main effects of the liver disease is that it causes joint inflammation/pain and chronic fatigue.
I'm a little confused about the criteria for the middle rate care entitlement after reading the DLA claims for adults physical health grounds. In the '12 things that won't affect your claim' it says you can live alone and no-one provides care, yet the claim form askes about your care needs.
I'm confused! Please explain. Thank you, Sue.

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Re:DLA medical 8 years 2 months ago #14011

  • kathy1
Hi Sue,

Its help that is reasonably required at a particular time when you want to perform a personal care task. eg,

Say someone lives on their own, no help available. They want to get washed, cant due to extreme pain,or exhaustion,or dizziness,or likelyhood of falling (unsafe for them). And say they would not be in the position to wash until 5 hours, 10 hours 24 hours later, but can actually at some stage do it themselves.

The help was required at the time when the could'nt do it so therefore may qualify for help with personal care because they have had to neglect themselves.

It also depends on the frequency of the required help, so other tasks the diabled person wants to do at a time and cant due to there bodily functions being impaired, like getting out of bed.

cant get out of bed like a normal person can, too much pain, has to lie in agony and do in stages eventually has to fall on to the floor in order to get up. So the length of time the diabled person has to spend in pain and danger of falling has to be considered as help that would be reasonably required, even with no-one to help them.

It is confusing, so just always bear in mind, for each personal care task, what do I have difficulty doing, how does this effect me, how long does it take me, what measures do I have to take to get the task done, this type of thing.

Hope this helps a bit.


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Re:DLA medical 8 years 2 months ago #14032

  • lavenderlady
Hi Sue

Kathy has given you excellent advice there. It's spot on.

I have been on HRC for 4 years. I understand I am entitled to it because I am considered to have care needs 24/7.

Like you, I live alone and have been in receipt of care DLA for 9 years

I think if you have a re-read of the info on this website you will see the definitive critea for low, middle and high rate. The information is there, because I've read it.

As Kathy says it's all about what the care you need. The fact that you are not getting the care you need, is not the point it's the fact that you do need it.

Before filling in any form, think hard and make a list of all the help you could do with, whether it be someone helping you dress, shower, to being around in case you fall.

Ask yourself this, if someone said to see Sue, what help do you do need day or night?
what would you say.

It is also useful to ask friends and relatives what they perceive your care needs to be.

Please consider carefully what help you need, how long you need the help for and how many times day and night you need that help. It is crucial you get the timing right. Do not underestimate the time it takes someone to help you. It usually is longer than you think.

Your care needs are not only physical but emotional too. For instance you might get very depressed and need someone to encourage you to eat, get up, dress, encourage you.If like a lot of chronically sick people who live on your own you need someone to pop in each day to support you then mention it, especially if you suffer from depression. If you find yourself contemplating suicide because of your situation and you think having someone around could help do mention it. Supporting someone who could be in danger of harming themselves because of depression are considered to have care needs.

I wish you all the best and I hope everything works out.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

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Re:DLA medical 8 years 2 months ago #14130

  • Sue1975
Thank you Kathy and Lavenderlady for your help and advice. I will try not to worry to much over the holiday period and I will re-read the info.

Happy Christmas to all.

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