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DWP ABBREVIATIONS 8 years 2 months ago #14200

  • Dragon
Hi Jima

There is just one abbreviation you forgot to mention :unsure: A.T.O.S - Another Tax On Sick. :lol:

Heres wishing you, the other moderators and members of B & W a HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS 2010

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Re:DWP ABBREVIATIONS 8 years 2 months ago #14201

Hi Dragon,

I couldn't agree more about ATOS. When I sat on DLA Tribunals, when ATOS got the contract for Medical Services, my colleagues and I used to refer to ATOS as couldn't give a toss (ATOS).

In the next few weeks or so, we're hoping to put together an area of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) where members will be able to instantly access answers on the questions we get asked most often, rather than them having to post on the forum and wait for an answer.

Expect more information on this from Steve in a future newsletter.

I wish you and everyone, a Happy, Healthier & Prosperous New Year, although the latter is highly unlikely for on those who's only income is benefits.

It's pretty much a 'fait accompli' that David Cameron will be the next Prime Minister, when Brown has the guts to call a General Election. I had personal assurance from Cameron that his party would not interfere with DLA/AA.

Time will tell.:S

Best wishes.


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Re:DWP ABBREVIATIONS 8 years 2 months ago #14203

  • karene50 davis

I love that one lol.

Karen x

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Re:DWP ABBREVIATIONS 8 years 2 months ago #14204

  • Dragon
Hi Jim

I agree with you and your colleagues. I have had 2 dealings with ATOS, neither of which were pleasant. My first dealing was after taking time off work with depression and the company where I worked used ATOS as their occupational therapist. ATOS have no idea about the Disability Discrimination Act. They were unaware that having been in receipt of treatment and medication for well over 12 months that I was protected by the act. I was stereotyped i.e. they compared my symptoms to another member of staff who sadly had also suffered depression. Then the Doctor at ATOS couldn't understand why their 1 cap fits all solution worked for her but not for me. To add insult to injury, my employer wanted shot of me as they could not handle my condition despite it being their fault that I had suffered a breakdown. As a result the Personnel Manager rang and spoke to another Doctor at ATOS (not the ATOS Dr I had met and consulted with) but a colleague of his, agreed with the unqualified opinion of the Personnel Manager that there was nothing more that the company could do for me which hadn’t already been done so they were right to get shot of me. I was unaware of this at the time, and it only came to light when my family sensing something untoward was happening, called on my union, got me to sign a letter of request for copies of all information held on my work file together with all correspondence between them and ATOS. In hindsight I should have written to the GMC and had this idiot struck off (one less for us all to worry about) and dragged his butt to the DD for making assumptions and making a diagnosis based on an unqualified opinion rather than fact. Unfortunately, I cannot expose this idiot or the former company I worked for as I have been gagged after they made me a financial offer I could not refuse, together with an exemplary reference. I signed their compromise agreement and took the money and run. Thankfully, whilst I still have intermittent bouts of depression, I still work in education only with a much more understanding employer.

My second dealing with ATOS was a few weeks ago, when despite several requests for a home visit for my youngest son who has Auto Immune Encephalitis, out of the blue we received a letter with a date informing us of an EMP visit. The initial date of the home visit was November but the EMP rang the house to postpone on account he had another engagement. Despite DWP and ATOS being aware that one of the symptom of my son’s illness is short term memory, the EMP rang to inform Jamie of the postponement. If it wasn’t for my eldest son mentioning that a Dr had rang and spoke to my youngest son we would have been none the wiser as my youngest son couldn’t remember speaking to a Dr let alone having a conversation with one. This resulted in me ringing his GP and Consultant Neurologist, Consultant Psychologist and the Maxilofacial Consultant to establish who had rung and what the problem was. After the initial panic, only then did it dawn on me that it might be ATOS. I rang them and guess what despite saying on their letter if there were any problems to contact their number, they had no idea if their EMP had called or if there was a problem as the EMP were given ATOS forms but was left to arrange and/or cancel their appointments without updating the office. I asked to speak to the EMP assigned to my son’s case but they said they couldn’t do that but they would ring him to see if it were him who rang. This they did and returned my call stating that it was and explaining that the EMP had spoken to my son. At this point I lost the plot, informed them I was a former DWP employee and that had they looked at my son’s notes they would have seen that a reasonable adjustment was in place (i.e. to speak to me) and the lack of communication and information went against the DWP customer charter and that I would be making a complaint. Within minutes of putting the phone down I had a call from the EMP who advised me that mindful of my son’s condition, he asked him if he wanted to write the date of the postponed visit down but my son declined. At this point, I was fuming and in a sarcastic tone of voice I said “Oh well that’s alright then,” immediately following up with, “Tell me, how many years experience have you had in Neurology?” There was silence. I repeated the question and demanded an answer to which he replied 6 months. Still infuriated, I replied “Yes and this was probably when you did rotation which explains why you have just used a 1 cap fits all solution to my sons problems.” Suffice to say, when he turned up for the visit, I gave him the third degree asking him if he had read my son’s notes and at every opportunity questioning to test his familiarity with my son’s case. I was so fuelled with anger at the way my former employers and ATOS incompetence that I insisting (despite his protest) he read the letters from the various Consultants which DWP didn’t have sight of as yet. In the end I felt sorry for the guy and apologised by saying that I hope he did not find me questioning offensive but my dealings thus far with DWP and ATOS thus far had been deplorable and as a former DWP employee I know from experience that unless the Decision Makers have it in black and white (A-Z guidance) they cannot think outside the box. That was 5 weeks ago and we are still waiting the result as to whether he is placed in the support or WRA group or found fit for work. Watch this space!

Best wishes

Kaz and Gaz

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Re:DWP ABBREVIATIONS 8 years 2 months ago #14206

  • tapsy2901
sad but true but hilarious Happy new Year

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