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TOPIC: Complaints and action

Complaints and action 7 years 8 months ago #14851

  • tapsy2901
Hi To all

To cut a long story short my file was destroyed leading to a medical to justify to the DLA why I was being paid HIGH/HIGH for life and the file was destroyed they had no evidence. Not worrying about the history or facts I actively sought a short medical date and within 10 days received it. Oh what joy, the man was an idiot, according to the good doctor I could walk 600 metres without any duress, (I have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease and undelrlaying xhronic asthma).

Not to put a fine point on this it only got worse. For weeks i stood to loose my benifit and of course all other existing ones that went with it, housing/income support etc etc. After threatening to sue I was told by LDA that in fact they had decided to leave my award alone "for now".

The stress was unimaginable and my condition exascerbated to the point that I am now on 6 + hours of oygen in house per day. on each level of my home I have o2 tanks and each level I need to use them. I have two minor children so you can imagine not only my distress but there's as well to see me sucking on a tank with a mask. To say I was angry is putting it mildly, and I decided to do something about this.

I sought legal advise and low and behold I have counsel who are experts in this field. I am angry that DLA had an inexperianced fool working for them who destroyed my file and put me through this - I am expecially angry at ATOS for employing people who's only ethos is to harm people - and write reports that are negligent and inaccurate and aimed at only one thing to get us of benfits regardless, and put us on a work line that cannot employ us. In a letter from atos today I was informed that the Thorasic refers to the spine alone.....oh please! that the medical report was not completly legible as it was written out of an office enviroment - oh please!

On one part of the medical assessment it states that a cervical assessment was carried out, I argues that "I can assure you no cervical was undertaken. the reply ? the cervical relates to the neck of the womb and that thorasic relates to the spine oh please? becasue i am diabled means i am stupid as well? I think not! anyway I am taking this issue further with legal counsel and intend to sue ATOS for incompetance, negligence and self catering to there own needs and monetary gain.

I hope all of you who have problems do take the matter further.

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Re:Complaints and action 7 years 8 months ago #14854

  • boris1
Good luck with it.
Your post was really difficult to read with no gaps or paragraphs.

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Re:Complaints and action 7 years 8 months ago #14991

I have had some problems with my DLA claim but am afraid to complain because whatever they say I think it would/could influence my claim and future dealings with them.

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