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TOPIC: Decision re DLA

Decision re DLA 7 years 7 months ago #14919

  • ashford1@btinternet.com
Hello everyone,
I feel a little bad that I haven't posted before because this site was very helpful to me.
I have two chronic and incurable illnesses that progress slowly and basically impact on most thigns I do.

I have been on income support for years signed off by a government doc who was surprised I wasnt in receipt of DLA.

I therefore applied for DLA and was turned down flat. This made me really demoralised.
before I go on, maybe I should say that some of the problems i have are as follows:
Chronic pain, I basically hurt most of the time, but because of my illness I am restricted as to what meds I can take. I am also very stiff at times, don't have that much strength and sleep every day for at least a couple of hours just to get through the day. I also have some more 'private' issues that I won't post abut, but these are embarrassing at best and are the result of abdominal surgery I had a few years ago.This is just an average day for me. On the plus side (though it can be negative) I actually look well most of the time, so people 'don't really get that I am seriosuly ill'

Anyway, I decided to put in another claim, using advice here. I really struggled on one question in particular the one about walking distance. Tjing is I am in pain all the time, so I don't walk anywhere without being in pain, but it is not walking that causes me pain, so I didn't really know what to put and said this on the form.

Anyway, it was a very very lengthy process, forms got lost, but I had photo coppied them, they then said they had written to my specialist but he had not written back, he assured me he had not had a letter. In the end they told me that because the doctor hadnt written, I would need to see a doctor of theirs. I was furious, I rang them and said that my doctor wasa specialist in my condition and he and only he could tell them about how my illness impacts on my daily life and they need to fax his secretary with a form and he would fill it out that day. Surprisingly, they did this and the form was sent back.
A week later (now 6 months after the initial claim) I had a call from someone at the decisions office, they told e they had to ask me some questions, about my form, they asked about the walking question, and my pain and also a couple of private medical questions. Int otal they rang me back three to four times within half hour.
On the last call he said a decision had been made and I would hear within a few days.

Within three days I had a letter which confirmed I have been awarded, full rate mobility and full rate care DLA with back pay for the whole of the 6 months.
Oh and the award is indefinite.
This was a very substantial backpay and I was then told I would also be backpayed a premium for Income support as well.
Thjis has allowed me for the first time in years to book a holiday for my children for the coming summer to see Mickey in Disney land. I am also now driving again as I couldn't drive my old car as it was a heavy manual car but I am now driving an automatic which give me freedom to do things again. I can also afford to have my ironing done and I can also pay the same lady to come and help me clean my windows and do a few other things I just can't do anymore.

So it really is worth perservering!

I know it is a lottery as to whether you get an award, but for me this site really helped! I knew exactly what to avoid saying, and I knew how to pharse things, Before I just got really embarrased about telling people the more personal stuff.

If you get turned down, do take advice from here, and do follow that advice, and then reapply and good luck to everyone else who is in the process of applying.

Just one other thing! To those who have a blue badge, please be mindful that the person parking with a badge in the space next to you, might like me, appear quite well! But is really quite ill! I have been asked on several occasions by wheel chair users or elderly people if I am using someone elses badge!! One woman took my number down in Asda and when I asled what she was doing, she told me it was illegal to use a badge when it wasnt mine. When I told her it was mine and went into very great detail about my conditions, she then almost ran into Asda with embarrassment! So please be mindful that we don't always know the story of the person in the car next door!
Apologies about the typo's... it happens when i get tired..

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