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TOPIC: Tribunal Tommorow

Re:Tribunal Tommorow 7 years 2 months ago #61788

  • shaysmum
Just a quick update i was awarded from nothing to LRC care/mobility for 3 years. Funny mobility wise, i already have a blue badge which i was awarded last year!!.

It was not a nice experience, i was often at the point of tears, as they were deliberately looking for ways to catch me out/trip me up - often asking the same question, but from a different person half hour into the tribunal.

I felt very confused, but the fact i am still working & am going to be attending a pain management course soon swung it for me.

I have yet to speak to my tribunal advisor to see her feelings, as she felt i had a strong case due to my bluebadge/access to work award which i was awarded last year before DLA application.

Op hope things were ok for you x

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Re:Tribunal Tommorow 7 years 2 months ago #62018

  • LolaDawodu
:( I am so dissapointed in the system i hve a loss of words.
The 3 women at my panel were rude and sarcastic, they didnt award me ANYTHING even though they had a note from my GP basically stating im incapable of walking at most times due to my sickle cell, my advisor was very angry with the decision and has asked me not to give up and appeal again. I am starting to loose hope with how unfortunate tis is its ridiculous, asking me questions as if im lying!!!

I sensed from their attitudes that i was not going to receive anyting, so when the letter came i wasnt surprised. I am going to keep on fighting. Theyre are people with not so serious cases of asthma getting this benefit and me that practically has to get hospitalised every time im ill has been refused countless times! Im happy for everyone who has won although i do not agree with the grading system

thanks to everyone who helped me

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