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TOPIC: ESA50 Questionnaire

Re: ESA50 Questionnaire 6 years 10 months ago #63667

Hi Mayflower
May I be so cheeky as to ask how exactly did you convey in your ESA50 the 'scenarios over 24/7, 365 day period, time of year, weather, day/night time that may have an effect on how the illness/disability affects you'. - I'm really struggling with this element. Any pointers would be truly appreciated.

Re: ESA50 Questionnaire 6 years 10 months ago #63672

  • RachelPotter
Hi, just to give a different angle to this, I wrote two very short, separate sentences on my form.

I did fail the medical, receiving only 6 points but won my appeal.

Best wishes,

Re: ESA50 Questionnaire 6 years 10 months ago #63707

Am going to try and fill the wretched thing in as comprehensively as I can - am keen to try and avoid a medical if at all possible. Had a long stint at the CAB this afternoon, got a few of the questions answered, but I still have a way to go! Oh the joys!

Re: ESA50 Questionnaire 6 years 10 months ago #63718

mayflower wrote:

Hi Twinkle
Pleased you found the posts helpful. I didn't include any additional supporting evidence but gave lots of information to each of the descriptors including some quotes from the FC Report & the DWP guide to the WCA - all in all amounting to 40+ typed pages!
I was careful to distinguish between my 'relatively' better, less good & worse days & how often they occur over a week/fortnight. Also, think about all the scenarios over a 24/7 & 365 day period eg time of year, weather, day/night time that may have an effect on how your illness/ disablity affects you.
As well as using the excellent B & W guides for physical & mental health, I also used the online guide for claiming ESA at Action for ME www.actionforme.org.uk & the ME Association www.meassociation.org.uk guide for ESA which is not free on line but can be ordered from them for about £3.00.
Best wishes

40 pages, well done!!!

Your post mentioning the weather was a reminder to me, one of my conditions is always worse when it is windy and I nearly forgot to put that on form!!!!

Re: ESA50 Questionnaire 6 years 10 months ago #63719

Hi Twinkle
Hopefully the mods will allow this post as although it's long I've cut & pasted two extracts from my ESA50 03/11 as an example which may also be helpful to others. Hopefully it will give you some idea of how to go about completing your own.
When I was completing my ESA50 I carefully read all the sections in the two B & W guides as well as the DWP guide to the WAC which is on the site & the guides I referred to in one of my earlier posts in this thread from the MEA, ActionforME & the Fluctuating Conditions report & made sure I gave several very full examples under all categories of activities in the descriptors. If it is possible for your email address to be forwarded via B&W I would be very happy to send you additional extracts.

About your illnesses or disabilities:
Over the course of a one week period the equivalent of approximately:
o 15% (occurs on the equivalent of approximately 1/2 days out of 7) relatively ‘typical’ better days;
o 75% (occurs on the equivalent of approximately 4/5 days out of 7) are relatively ‘typical’ less good days; and
o 20% (occurs on the equivalent of approximately 1/2 days out of 7) are relatively ‘typical’ worst days.
As my condition is variable from day to day and from hour to hour and is unpredictable over the course of a week the equivalent of :
o 5/6 days are always relatively ‘typical’ less good and worst days which never become relatively ‘typical’ better days;
o 1/2 days are relatively ‘typical’ better days which frequently and quickly can within an hour become a relatively ‘typical’ less good day or even a relatively ‘typical’ worse day; and

All of which has a dramatic and deleterious impact on all aspects of my daily life by:

o Significantly affecting my ability to perform any of the tasks of personal care and/or daily living over the next days;

o Making it extremely difficult to plan for any known activity or event;

o Impossible to prepare for any unexpected activity or event; and

o Unexpected and/or late changes to a planned activity and event.

As CFS/ME is variable and unpredictable, meaning that on some days I can sometimes partly do an activity and on other days I cannot, I should be assessed on how I am for the majority of the time i.e. for the equivalent of:

o 5/6 days out of 7 (relatively ‘typical less good and worst days) at worst I cannot do any of the activities at all as I am bed bound and at best I am severely limited and what little I can do I cannot do repeatedly, reliably and safely; and

o 1/2 days out of 7(relatively ‘typical better days) at worst I am significantly limited and at best I can attempt some of the activities but I cannot do them repeatedly, reliably and safely.

Moving around:
Walking on level ground is extremely fatiguing and severely discomforting and painful and a constant struggle for me.
Walking on uneven and/or sloping ground is even more fatiguing, discomforting and painful which significantly reduces the distance I can walk still further before needing to stop and rest.

The weather on the day also has a significant impact on my ability to walk any distance being made more difficult still if it is hot and sunny; raining and/or windy; snow and/or ice underfoot.

Good luck

Re: ESA50 Questionnaire 6 years 10 months ago #63836

Hi Mayflower
Thank you so very much for taking the time and effort to reply to my post so comprehensively. As a fellow M.E. sufferer I am appreciative of all your suggestions and advice.
I have as you suggested ordered the M.E. Assoc. guide, and downloaded the other reports that you recommended. The actual ESA50 arrived with me this morning (they're not hanging around - as it was only last week that they rang me to say that it would take 2-3 weeks for it to come)!
As an ex Local Government employee I recall that the wheels there did not turn as swiftly! Ha, ha!
I would be happy for B & W to forward you my e-mail address, and thank you for your offer of further help.
Also, thank you Moderators for allowing Mayflower's extremely useful last post.
Kind regards
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