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TOPIC: In a panic - ESA 50 form

In a panic - ESA 50 form 6 years 9 months ago #66044

  • flutterby79
Hi all

Sorry if similar posts are out there. Having a major M.E brain fog so can't go through search results.

I have to get my ESA 50 form filled out & sent back by 7th September & I haven't even started it yet! Have M.E the past few weeks have had a big setback with more physical symptoms which have had a knock on effect mentally. Not even been able to get myself to the GP to find out what's going on. At the moment I just can't take anything in so even though I've become a member I can't process any of the information...took me an hour to do this post :( ...I can't even remember what I did yesterday!

I'm really starting to fret now though because I have under 2 weeks left! There's no guarantee that I'll improve enough mentally in time to be able to tackle it. It's just so daunting & I'm really scared that I'm gonna do it wrong & get kicked off ESA then have to appeal...I just don't think I have it in me. I also have to get my mortgaged home packed ready for repossession & move into a rented house by the end of September.

I know if I get put on Jobseekers Allowance I won't even be able to make it all the way to the Jobcentre to sign so I'd be kicked off that...will have no income to even eat, won't be able to get housing benefit so will be homeless. Stress doesn't help my illness but it just feels like my life has fallen apart & I'm fast running out of options. Just want to cry but don't even have the energy for that. Just wish I had energy so I could work :(

Any help or advice would be amazing right now. Phoned Citizens Advice in Oldham & will have to go to the walk-in centre but can't get there.

Sorry that this is such a negative, whiny post.

Thanks in advance x

Re: In a panic - ESA 50 form 6 years 9 months ago #66047

  • Survivor
Can you work through it just a little bit at a time? Maybe if you download the online version and fill in little bits throughout the day? Don't forget, you don't have to do it in sequence, you can answer the easier questions on your worse days and vice-versa.

Is there any other sort of support or advocacy group locally? Or even a friend you know who could help?

I hope that you can manage to do the form.

Re:In a panic - ESA 50 form 6 years 9 months ago #66049


I suffer from ME/CFS as well, so I understand the difficulties you are facing, however, you ned to get this form returned.

The first thing I would suggest, is for you to get your diary out and see what you have booked for the next two weeks as you are going to have to work around these dates.

Work out how much time you can concentrate for and how long it takes for you to recover and plan out a schedule, don't be tempted to be carried away with the time, we all know it will just catch us out.

Go through the ESA50 and our guides to work out which tests you think you should score points for, these are the ones to concentrate on.

Go through each question, sticking to your schedule, and write a short but reasonable answer. Hopefully you'll have time to go back through each answer and expand it at least once.

Remember, ME/CFS is a fluctuating illness, so you need to be looking at how it affects you the majority of the time.

Also there is the issue of repeatability, so as an example, if you could walk 100m, but would not be able to do so again that day, then that would count as not being able to do it at all.

Finally, you need to complete the tests without sugnificant discomfort or exhaustion, you are not expected to do the tests if they hurt, or if you are too tired.


Re: In a panic - ESA 50 form 6 years 9 months ago #66050

  • RachelPotter
Hi flutterby, try doing what Survivor has suggested.

On my first attempt I got my personal details down.

Second time I ticked boxes that definately didn't apply to me.

Tonight I am going to try and fill one more part in.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Re: In a panic - ESA 50 form 6 years 9 months ago #66099

That's what I'm doing, a bit each day, is all I can do.

Re:In a panic - ESA 50 form 6 years 9 months ago #66169

I do understand how hard it is as ME/CFS is one of the chronic conditions I have.

As others have said do a little bit at a time, even if it is just two minutes and then go back and do another two minutes, using the online version of the form is also much easier too.

Do you have anyone who can help you? Even fill it in for you? They could type/write what you tell them to?
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