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TOPIC: dla appeal or

Re:dla appeal or 6 years 9 months ago #66935

  • michaelg
bal42 wrote:

thank you gordon

the question on dla claim form is--

How far can you normaly walk(including any short stops) before you feel severe discomfort ??

my answer wtitten on the form is - can slowly walk for about 100 meters by stopping and starting

in decision letter DM says :- --can walk upto 100 meters, slowly, in reasonable manner. walking is limited but not virtualy unable to walk.
so no mobility awar

i am lost for words, what can i write to make them understand that i can walk about 100 meters,
but only by stopping when i am in pain and then restarting to walk again, and stop and start to walk again.
do i need to give them distance in meters when i make first stop due to pain.

but the question on the form mentions distance (including any short stops)

How far can you normaly walk(including any short stops) before you feel severe discomfort ??

any advice help please

Hi Bal

It may be the 100 meters that caused your claim to fail, as the usual distance is 50 meters.

Gordon has set out the procedure. You can either ask for reconsideration or appeal the decison, using additional evidence about your having to stop, pain and so on. Usually when a claim is turned down, its suggested that you appeal, as your claim will be reconsidered anyway, if turned down it will be sent a a tribunal for a hearing. You may withdraw your appeal at any time. Awards of DLA can be reduced or taken away altogether during either of these processes.

Please make full use of the guides in the orange members section to help with with this, or if possible seek face to face advice from an Advice Agency.

Please note the time limits of one month in which to appeal, (or ask for reconsideraton).



Re:dla appeal or 6 years 9 months ago #66937


I know it frustrating but you have to spell these things out in minute detail.

So as an example;

"I can walk for about 10m before I have to stop because of significant discomfort, I then have to wait 5 minutes before I am able to continue. I can then walk a further 8m before stopping again, this time the pain is worse and I have to lean against an adjacent object to remain standing ..."

As a note to anybody reading this. You cannot assume that a person reading what you have written will interpret it in the same way as you intended, the more detail you include, the less likely it is that it will be misunderstood. Try reading it aloud to someone else and ask them to tell you back what you said.

Only you can properly explain your conditions.


Re:dla appeal or 6 years 9 months ago #66941

  • michaelg
So true Gordon and good advice

Re:dla appeal or 6 years 9 months ago #66945

what additional evidence can i use , any examples please

Re:dla appeal or 6 years 9 months ago #66947

  • michaelg
Usually a doctor, consultant, nurse, carer, someone who knows your day to day problems, will be the sort of additional evidence you could submit. Gordon's given an excellent example of what should be written and how you must spell things out.

Re:dla appeal or 6 years 9 months ago #66949

many thanks
brizboi and gordon

about 4 weeks after sending the the claim form i was refered by rheumalogist for physio treatment because medication was causing very strong side effects, to treat severe pain in my legs. also had cardio scans for angina 2 weeks ago. could these be additional evidence.(copies of these appointments and further physio appointments.
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