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TOPIC: how much for coulpe

how much for coulpe 7 years 1 week ago #67256

hi everybody,
first off, i am not looking forward to tomorrow as i have got my esa assesment.
my question is this, i have looked at the benefit rates and they do not make any sense to me, i might be a bit thick!!! i am the disabled party and my partner is my full time carer even though she gets nothing for it, it says the couples rate for esa is £105-95 does this meen that you both have to be disabled to get this rate?
also all the different premiums dont make sense, how do you add these to your esa ??.
just say i get into the support group fingers very crossed, if we get £105-95 for both of us which other allowances would we be entitled to as there are so many different premiums.we have no other income at all, so if somebody could please help as we have been told that we would be worse off transfering from income support and my disability premium, not better off as we are being told by the government.

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Re:how much for coulpe 7 years 1 week ago #67261

You don't both have to be disabled to receive the couple's personal allowance for ESA, but your partner may be required to attend work-focused interviews to retain the full allowance.

The various premiums are added to ESA(IR) depending on an individual claimant's circumstances. In the situation you describe, if you were placed in the support group you would be entitled to £105.95 (personal allowance) plus £32.35 (support component) making a total payment of £138.30. Any other income or savings above a certain amount will be deducted from this amount if appropriate?

You should not be any worse off after a transfer to ESA from IS on the grounds of disability provided you meet the conditions of entitlement, as the regulations provide transitional protection to the level of benefit already in payment on migration to ESA.

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Re:how much for coulpe 7 years 1 week ago #67332

thanks crazydiamond for that, that would make us £4.00 a week better off, so much for david cameron saying that they are giving the disabled people that really need the extra money that they need for everyday life,it would not cover the cost of a half decent jar of coffee. what tosh
oh and i said in my post that i was not looking forward to today as it was my esa medical,well guess what? they rang up this morning and canceled my medical. they told me that they had made a mistake and that the doctor that should have done my assesment was actually on holiday, what total c**p.the person who was taking me had booked a day off of work so he has also lost a days wages for nothing. good old atos hey!!!! not happy at all.
best regards

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