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TOPIC: a nasty halloween surprise

Re:a nasty halloween surprise 6 years 7 months ago #72024

hassled mum wrote:

I spoke to the dwp esa office yesterday to ask how long I would have to return my form once it is sent out in November for renewal, I was told six weeks, it would seem that the new info has not filtered through yet if I an reading the above correctly. I will as a matter of caution make sure I return within 4 weeks to be safe

Just to confirm.

The change to four weeks applies to forms issued after 30 October, any form sent out before then will still have six weeks to be completed.

Also, the DWP call centre staff have no authority to extend the period, in fact, there is no framework within the legislation for extensions, so is anyone is "granted" one, make sure that you get confirmation is writing, in case you are still asked to explain a late return.


Re:a nasty halloween surprise 6 years 7 months ago #72198

Oh goodness a cut by two weeks is huge, it took me about five weeks to get the form done.

Re:a nasty halloween surprise 6 years 7 months ago #72201

as mine will be issued after the 30th oct as the dwp said it would be coming out in November it looks like I will be a four weeker! ok battle plans in place, I will start organising evidence and statements, have already downloaded latest esa info so will read through that again. Only positive is that at least I won't be form filling over christmas,could just be appeal stuff if dla renewal is dumped.

Re:a nasty halloween surprise 6 years 7 months ago #72207

This has annoyed me just as much as the big changes (eg. Like ESA replacing IB and CB ESA time limit) It's yet another little 'tweak' sneaked in that is designed to make it even tougher for claimants. There must be someone in the dwp who just sits there all day dreaming of ways to make the process that little bit more stressfull for people. Maybe useless Harrington will propose that this should be reversed.

Re:a nasty halloween surprise 6 years 7 months ago #72212

I think the best approach is to prepare your ESA50 in advance or in anticipation of receiving one, and update it as necessary to reflect your current circumstances.

That will help you have your ESA50 ready, but four weeks is still very short notice to obtain the medical evidence that they expect you to provide!

Re:a nasty halloween surprise 6 years 7 months ago #72217

is it possible to down load an esa50 so I can rough out my responses before the form arrives from the dwp.
Also will not have time to apply for new evidence so will include all that has arrived over the last 12 months as per the dla form, the evidence is quite comprehensive and I don't think the consultants would add anything new to the info i already have. oh the joys,
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