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TOPIC: Esa evidence to include ?

Re:Esa evidence to include ? 6 years 7 months ago #72120

  • RachelPotter
I think it is definately worth including that letter Radhika :)

Re:Esa evidence to include ? 6 years 7 months ago #72126

I agree. Send that letter and underline that sentence. A medically qualified general practitioner has clearly stated that your husband's condition is not expected to improve. It is there in black and white. The would be enough for an appeal, from what I have heard from friends who have appealed. So far, I do not know one single person from my therapy group who has been turned down at appeal.

Re:Esa evidence to include ? 6 years 7 months ago #72127

  • paula
What about if you have a condition that goes back 15 plus years and shows how many hospital admissions, incluing some this year? Why don't they just say then, don't believe you, get a job. Isn't that what they are saying?

Re:Esa evidence to include ? 6 years 7 months ago #72134

  • paula
My care co ordinator did say that he would write a letter of support in regards to my mental health problems, especially the problems with side effects, he has even offered to help with the forms and attend a medical should it go that way, a member of my family plans to go too. I am seeing my gp on monday, with an up to date letter with the problems i expereince every day. All you can do is request that the health care professional dealing with your case write to the health care professionals to gain further evdience in regards to your claim. If they do not do that, it is one grounds of appeal for a trubunal. Do they realise the amount of money they are spending by appeals because things are not dealt with properly? Good luck all.

Re:Esa evidence to include ? 6 years 7 months ago #72136

Firstly thanks Mel and RachelPotter, will dig out years of reports and send them off to the reassessment team. Lets see what they have to say about evidence in black and white!!!!!

My husbands problems go back to 1998 without improvement but deteriation over the years and has DYSTHASIA,APHASIA,problems in understanding information being relayed to him etc and was still put in WRAG, so am appealing.


Re:Esa evidence to include ? 6 years 7 months ago #72218

Thank you for all your replies, I have spinal compression of the nerves as the disc spaces are narrowing down, confirmed by scans over 10 yrs ago, I did the rounds of consultants pain clinics physios, till nothing could help, and was then left in the care of gp with high meds that I am still on, which are on my prescriptions.
Add to that, fibromyalgia me, thyroid still unstable even with the meds, a gall stone operation, which went wrong and perforated my bowel, which I am still having problems with and seen consultant two months ago, mri scans confirmed blocked bile ducts, and have been rushed in hospital a few times this yrs, so once again on high meds under the care of gp as nothing more can be done only meds, and just have to try and cope.

Im now waiting for counselling, not coping, panic attacks, bladder, bowel problems, from operation and spine probs, and tired exhausted from the lack of sleep with the pain.

My gp will only fill in a form IF DWP request, ( as this is their practice policy).

At wits end, crying all the time and dont even want to fill in the form, but I know I have to
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