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TOPIC: Left Confused......

Left Confused...... 6 years 10 months ago #72755

I`m really confused about all this :unsure: last year I was placed in a Limited Capabilities Group and had to attend a work related group. I attended this whilst signed off sick from work by my GP and going through treatment and changes in disability. It was extreamly painful and difficult to attend. Very recently I was told to attend another ATOS medical and was only awarded 6 points. CAB have helped me to Appeal, the CAB Advisor was surprised I was not left in the Limited capabilities Group but he felt I should have been placed in the Support Group, although he feels not much can be done now about last year but feels it was a shame I did not Appeal then. He is dealing with the currant Appeal in the hope I will be put into a support group. To top all this when I was working I was classed as a Hidden Carer in the workplace, I`m still a carer to my partner but I`m really confused as to what group i`m supposed to be in we both have disabilities and some would class me as a full time carer. With being a Carer if Decision maker or Tribunal put me in one of the groups do I actually have to attend any Group. The rules for people with disabilities who are also carers seem very unclear.

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Re:Left Confused...... 6 years 10 months ago #72756

  • Gordon
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Unfortunately, being a carer does not entitle you to be placed in either of the two ESA groups, the WRAG or the Support Group.

If you are in receipt of Carers Allowance or the Disability Premium, you should be excused from having to participate in Work Related Activity.

source: The Employment and Support Allowance (Work-Related Activity) Regulations 2011, Clause 3.

Even though the CAB are helping you with your appeal, you may still wish to review our ESA Appeal and Claim guides.


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Re:Left Confused...... 6 years 10 months ago #72760

Gorden thank you for your reply.
I find the website a great source of info its just so frustrating I can not take in things as fast as I use to and re-reading is a pain, but thank god your all there with advice. what I know now is that I should not have been made to attend the work related group in the past by DSS -
I. I was signed off sick by my GP under going treatment.
2. I also receive Carers premium.

I will definatly be looking at all the info around this through your site and disability allaince site and carers uk.

I`v been so fed up and stressed at trying to keep my job whilst going through further changes in my disability and also being a carer and changes in my partners condition. I lost my job through my Employers own Capability policy and proceedures and then I lose my benefit through ATOS Capibility Assessment. Strange thing is my Employers Capability Policy makes me unfit for the job. ATOS capability assessment as made me fit for full-time work. I wonder what the decision maker will make of the Occupational Health Report or Tribunal which ever the case my be...yes very confusing and very annoying! These ATOS people should be health healers if they claiming to make everyone well again! :S

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