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TOPIC: called for a medical assesssment, HELP someone

called for a medical assesssment, HELP someone 6 years 7 months ago #73469

  • crockhouse
Hi can someone explain to me why after the dwp said i was fit for work , after attending a farce of a medical, more obvious when finally the report arrived, too many mistakes1 to say all, but the classic was" this lady presented no problems picking up her bag"" What bag i asked them, as i did not have a bag with me!!!I appealed and after 9 months was seen at the tribunal who after 5 mins declared i was not fit for work and that the DWP had blatantly ignored all medical evidence sent to them and had decided on a 40 mins computer generated assessment. was reinstated last July, and have sent off beginning of Oct the new ESA form, only to have a woman ring up today and as soon as she said medical assessment, i had to pass the phone to my husband who explained after the last one i was so poorly, due to the extra stress, i can't face another one, and feel like telling them where to stick it. What can i do? please i am so stressed about it all. Why has the form ESA come from ATOS Hq, and gone back to them, with no DWP involement? can someone explain that to me as well, sorry this is so long, but it has taken me hours to get to this.

Re: called for a medical assesssment, HELP someone 6 years 7 months ago #73473

  • Survivor
Atos handles the assessments and once they have either decided to advise the decision maker that an assessment is not necessary or they have carried out an assessment and submitted a report to the DM, the
DM makes the decision taking into account any other information/evidence they have.

Re: called for a medical assesssment, HELP someone 6 years 7 months ago #73476

  • RachelPotter
Hi Crockhouse, unfortunately everyone is being assessed and reassessed.

The time scales don't appear to follow any logic. Some people have had 3 assessments in one year, others have 10 or 12 months between assessments.

I had an appeal in February, I think, and won. Have sent off another ESA50 recently.

It is horrible, stressful and unfair but I'm afraid it is real.

Take care,

Re: called for a medical assesssment, HELP someone 6 years 7 months ago #73524

Crockhouse - would it not be an idea to inform your local Mp of your situation.

If we all informed our Mp's of the number of letters/Esa forms we constantly receive, perhaps they could do something about it!
All the best.

Re: called for a medical assesssment, HELP someone 6 years 7 months ago #73526

i agree write to MP also visit the site called e-petitions and use search to see any on line petions to the goverment about DLA. ESA and ATOS or changes in benefit system. I am currantly trying to get facts together about ATOS to write a letter to my MP and also to post around newspaper editors. I dont think the British Tax payer would be happy knowing how much this overall to the benefit system costing, and how the French owned Company Atos seem to operate they dont seem to be reinbursting anyone for any incorrect decisions or Tribunal costs. I want my MP to investigate the true costs of Atos and all these Assessments, appeals and Tribunal cases. I also want to know why Atos got the extention to there contract when there have been so many errors in providing a service. It seems crazy and costly. I went off work with changes in my disability in 2011 I have had to complete at least four ESA forms and capability for work questionnaire things, I have had to attend 3 Atos Medicals throughout this first I was placed in limited capability and had to attend a job club thing even though had a job and signed off sick :blink: then more recently by atos after another medical given 6 points and told I`m fit for work, meantime I`v had to atttend occupational health medicals through my employer and they got rid of me on capability policy. I`m exhausted with my employers capability policies and at same time DSS capability forms. One declares me fit for work one terminated my contract :angry: annoyed, confused and very stressed, but we all must speak out through Appealing and writing to MP`s and if you can bear your story in the papers do it.

Re: called for a medical assesssment, HELP someone 6 years 7 months ago #73538

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