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SUCCESSFUL DLA RENEWAL 6 years 7 months ago #74191

  • Jenikay
I joined B&W around 2 years ago, after having had 3 DLA claims refused. Thanks to the excellent help I was awarded LRC for 2 years on my last application, but nothing for mobility. After some prompting from members on here, I appealed against the decision. And darned glad I did, because the evidence that DWP had used was a farce. Anyway, I was duly awarded HRM on appeal 6 months after my application for DLA.

In July, the paperwork arrived for my DLA renewal - that 2 years went flipping fast!! Same long involved form....but this is now available to fill in online or to copy. I find typing much less painful than holding a pen. The form is in .pdf format, but with a bit of copying and pasting it can easily be converted to a MS Word document. It still took me around 6 weeks to complete however and I duly sent it off in late August.

It was returned 10 days later as I'd not signed the part about the bank account details. I signed it off in the missing part and returned it. Had a letter in October saying they'd not made a decision as they were waiting for my GP to return his form. Towards the end of October I was so worried about the Decision (or lack of it). I had mentally gone through yet another Tribunal, worried about how I would manage without the Mobility component as it keeps our little car on the road and I'd be trapped indoors if it was refused.

On Friday last (12 November) the brown envelope arrived. Ironically I didn't see it immediately as it was hidden within a Christmas catalogue and a load of junk mail...when I found it I was too frightened to open it. Hubby made a cup of tea and I braced myself for the worst. The first thing I saw was ......HRC!! I couldn't believe that. And it was indefinitely too. Then I checked the mobility part.....HRM indefintely. Whooopeee....all that waiting wondering getting stressed and bad tempered gone...

I've still not come down to earth - HRC has amazed me - I was hoping they may have awarded me Middle rate, but Higher rate is just wonderful. When I start getting the higher payments, I can look around for a mobility scooter and maybe can get out and about a bit more. Thank you B&W for the invaluable help. There's a few other points I've discovered which might help other readers, but I'll put them into another posting. Jenny

Re:SUCCESSFUL DLA RENEWAL 6 years 7 months ago #74193

  • RachelPotter
Congratulations Jenikay! :)

Re:SUCCESSFUL DLA RENEWAL 6 years 7 months ago #74250


Congratulations, it may have taken a while but it was obviously worth the effort.


Re:SUCCESSFUL DLA RENEWAL 6 years 7 months ago #74274

Congratulations bet your so pleased and releived
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