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TOPIC: wheelchair use

wheelchair use 2 years 7 months ago #143485

I'm dreading the brown envelope too. I was originally awarded indefinite DLA MRC HRM in 1996 after an accident. however repeated surgery on my spine last yr resulted in left side weakness arm, hand trunk & leg. I was advised to apply for pip to see if I could get high rate care but was too terrified to risk losing all .
I have an indoor electric wheelchair and an outdoor electric wheel chair and a manual wheelchair, I have learnt after 13 months with help of a fab neurological physiotherapist to use elbow crutches for short periods with great difficulty. if I go out I need my electric wheelchair and very bad days I use indoor electric wheelchair and OT have installed allsorts handrails and even a ramp outside.all wheelchair / adaptations. aids etc supplied by OT before I could be discharged from hospital.
My issue is should I say on my form that I use a wheelchair and elbow crutches when I complete my pip form or just the wheelchairs. my friend says I could get marked down for using my electric wheelchair all the time as I can then get around my home easier, where as if I use my elbow crutches it is more difficult to get around without assistance.i am confused on how to answer the questions of assistance.

wheelchair use 2 years 7 months ago #143498

  • foss27
I think you should read the PIP claim guide in the members area.
There is detailed advice page 58 onwards on the moving around descriptor.

My personal interpretation is you should mention the crutches for standing and moving less than 20 metres and not reliably ie. Repeatedly, safely, in a timely manner. The guide gives more detail.

If you follow the guide and supply all the evidence suggested I think it is probably better than saying you are totally wheelchair bound.

wheelchair use 2 years 7 months ago #143501

Hi sb,

As foss27 says, you need to refer to our : PIP Claims Guide. (2nd Link down the page)

PIP "Moving Around" (Mobility) is purely a "walking test" (aided or unaided) and does not take into account any distance that you can move in a wheelchair.

In fact, if you have to use a wheelchair to move around through necessity rather than choice or convenience, this should go in your favour.

See the following also :

PIP Self Test

Resume of the PIP Points System.


This Post.

Please reply to this topic if you have any further queries and we will try to help further.


wheelchair use 2 years 7 months ago #143502

Just a little side issue; when I was PIP assessed I was asked to perform many actions which, although I could have done, would have resulted in significant pain and suffering. At no point (until after I started refusing and giving reasons for refusing) did they make it clear that their 'instructions' were actually 'requests'.
I very nearly fell into the trap of "well he did it at the assessment" - remember they should (but don't) make it clear that it's a request - it it might hurt then refuse and explained n why (or they will mark you as being difficult)
Good luck (although relying on luck is a disgusting indictment of the 'system')

wheelchair use 2 years 7 months ago #143508

I'm sure when I claimed DLA back in 1996 it wasn't this complicated.
I have just looked at the guide as kindly suggested and ended up even more confused.
on a good day I can probably walk with difficulty & unstable approx 10- 15 feet indoors using arthritic elbow crutches. on a bad day its indoor electric wheel chair and for out doors its always an electric wheelchair and I cannot propel a normal wheelchair one handed.so I'm not sure if Q14b & 14c are both to be answered as sometimes ?

wheelchair use 2 years 7 months ago #143512

  • foss27
Since they both refer to standing and walking or moving a distance greater than 20 metres they should both be answered no as you have said you can only move 10-15 feet using crutches indoors.

14f is the only one that refers to not being able to stand and move in part one.

You just need to take it slow and easy and read the descriptor thoroughly. Have you read the more detailed advice on question 14 on page 58 onwards in the guide? This should clarify it for you.
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