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new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 2 months 2 weeks ago #193081


Yep will start with a phone call.
Mega thanks

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new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 2 months 1 week ago #193111

Good morning

Latest update.

Phoned DWP this morning at 9.15 am, only a 5 minute wait to speak to someone.

A nice young man named Peter - he gave his name in his initial speak.
He asked for NI no, full name, address etc, all correct and polite.
He asked what I was enquiring about.
I asked for my prognosis date re next ESA form to arrive after being placed in the SG from 4th July 2017.
He checked and said July 2020 for the next round..
I asked for my ESA 85 A form etc.
He said he will sort it out and send it to me and I should receive it within 2 weeks.

All fine.
Easy to discuss and completed all within 5 minutes.

I found it easy to deal with, the person was really kind and polite.

Thank you to one and all for all your help from this site in order to get thru the fun and games to complete all our paperwork and lead us thru all the problems we face in dealing with it all.

I have found that dealing with my ESA/PIP has been reasonably painless over this last 2 years. As long as you keep copies of everything, have all the relevant GP/Consultant letters/reports and complete the forms out correctly using this site and the books to assist one, all is plane sailing.
If you require home visits get your GP to write a letter to assist such an event and if you see your GP regularly even for updates they seem to be fair with you too.

I am happy to say that I should not be having to do anything else now for the following:
1) 3 years - 2020 July re ESA SG
2) 10 years plus 2026 ? re PIP Enhanced care /mobility

Unless of course it all changes with how they want us to jump thru the hoops !!!!

Thank you one and all

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new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 2 months 10 hours ago #194094


Latest update

Phoned DWP today to find out where is my ESA85A which I was promised would be here last week !!!
Lo and behold this gentleman on the phone said there was no record of my phone call on the 11th July or anything to do with the sending of an ESA85A.
He said why did I want it, I told him why, he said no one had ever asked for one b4 and if I really wanted one I should write in.
Rather than arguing I have sent a recorded letter to ask for a copy of my ESA 85A plus other paperwork pertaining to it.

I shall keep you posted
The following user(s) said Thank You: Gordon

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new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 1 month 4 weeks ago #194130

Well here we go again !!!!!

After saying how well the DWP do and how everything has been plain sailing to MELTDOWN!!!

This morning in the post I received yes you guessed it yet another ESA Capability to work form to complete. !!!!!!

Well I knew this must be a mistake so we phoned the DWP and spoke to a nice lady named Joyce. She uummed and aahed her way thru looking me up on her computer, sid she can see this is a mistake and would phone another department and then get back to me. Then she looked into my Medical Services folder and said do not worry, this has been withdrawn and you do not have to complete the form as it was a mistake as someone pressed the wrong button.
I am in the SG for 3 years and do not have to complete this form that was sent in error.

So here I am, still panicking as I no longer trust them. Sanctions and cut offs come to mind.

Would it be best for me to write to them explaining what the lady Joyce said or should I take it as read that they did indeed send it to me in error.

She did say the ESA 85A has been sent to me as of yesterday and that I should receive it in a day or so.

So please suggest a way forward.

I do have good ties with our local MP, who will assist if required.

Confused, dazed and a tad angry.

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new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 1 month 4 weeks ago #194154


I would write to the DWP office dealing with your claim, confirming the phone conversation that you had, include the date, time and call operator's name. Also remind them that the law prevents a reassessment of your ESA claim within three months of a previous Decision.

It's going to take a week or more for the letter to be received, so don't phone them immediately, but contact them again, at least a week before the return date of this new ESA50, to confirm that the reassessment has been cancelled.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 1 month 4 weeks ago #194180


Thank you.

I also contacted Customer Relations
Centre for Health and Disability Assessments,

They replied in writing with 'if the DWP have advised you that it has been issued to you in error then that will indeed be the case.'

with regards
I shall write to DWP, however very difficult to ascertain which DWP office is dealing with my case as I have post from Cheltenham, Plymouth, Honiton, Chippenham and this latest one with a new ESA form to complete from Bristol.
It was Bristol I phoned.
It would be nice to know where to send it

Many thanks

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