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TOPIC: PIP 2 form not sent but Atos asking me to a ftf

PIP 2 form not sent but Atos asking me to a ftf 2 weeks 1 day ago #187292

I have a record of a phone call date,time and name to PIP saying I wasn't going ahead with the claim and the agent said it would be passed to a case manager via e mail and she didn't know what happened then but it would probably be that I was contacted at some time .
Since then nothing from PIP but these letters from Atos
I have now this afternoon sent a letter addressed to PIP case managers giving them details of what's been going on including the phone call details asking them to clarify the situation I find myself in .

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PIP 2 form not sent but Atos asking me to a ftf 2 weeks 1 day ago #187302

Dear Roidininki,
I have severe mental health probs & have recently had both ESA & DLA to PIP together. I got a long term award. You don't have to do it but you are eligible for & deserve funding.
I was so scared I'd also loose my severe disability premium too if I lost PIP. I can't manage without it. I don't think DWP are out to get people with severe mental illness esp if you've been hospitalised. Doing the PIP1 would have started your claim.
I think DWP will have flagged your file as vulnerable (esp if you live alone) & also needing additional support to comply with the DLA to PIP transfer. So they have given you another chance to transfer to PIP. They may have looked at your DLA notes.
It is likely a mental health assessor would do your assessment , mine was a paper one done by a CPN. If you get your GP to write in or phone ATOS & explain why you can't travel to or manage a F2F due to your condition they could do a paper assessment. You still have time to send in GP evidence of problems dealing with people etc.
There is still time to phone up & pospone the assessment whilst you get support/GP letter. MIND might help, Age UK helped me (over 50 ).
People do get an award without additional medical evidence. Remember you are used to coping with your health problems & may understate them. Not filling in PIP2 form & shredding it would be evidence of your mental health problem. For 6 weeks I was convinced DWP were following me & I was sure someone took my photo as I came out of the doctors. It was someone on the phone- I was just ILL.
The Forum does tend to show problems, Gordon keeps saying that many people do get the award they need without appeals etc. It is terrifying for all of us.
Does this help at all? If not you can always reapply if you want to at some later date.
Best wishes Susie

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PIP 2 form not sent but Atos asking me to a ftf 2 weeks 23 hours ago #187325

Thankyou Susie for your very supportive post .
I havn't sent in a form on how my illness affects me so why has Atos sent me an appointment to be assessed ? That's what I need figuring out .
You were lucky to get a paper assessment .
Anyway I will hopefully by sending a letter to PIP case managers today asking for an explanation get a response to what's going on.
Atos said in their first letter they were going to ask medical people i named in the original claim about me.
My GP hasn't said anything about this to me
How does even your doctor know about your daily life ?
I read a woman had been refused PIP because she said could make a sandwich .
This is getting worse for people who can function but still walk about with these illnesses in their head .
Thankyou again .

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PIP 2 form not sent but Atos asking me to a ftf 3 days 9 hours ago #187996

Further to my last .
my appointment with Atos was cancelled by carer and was put through to PiP , re not filling PIP 2 in but being asked for ftf.
Atos had said paper review was not possible due to no response to their request to GP .
Agent asked did carer want a call back from PIP so yes of course if possible ..
Case manager phoned same day ,said some claimants who had been on DLA with a condition classed as additional support needs were not penalised by disallowing a claim for not sending questionnaire back and could very well go on to get a paper review and that despite what Atos said it was up to the PIP Decisionmaker .
Despite Atos saying no response from GP . case manager could see medical evidence of condition ,10 pages at least .
So that's where I'm up to , still in the pipeline .
The following user(s) said Thank You: Mrs Hurtyback

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