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TOPIC: ESA confused...

ESA confused... 10 months 3 weeks ago #194411

Hi there,

I've been seeing mentions on B&W about ESA deferrals, backlogs, etc., but has anyone had their re-assessment early???

I was placed in SG in 2013 and reassessed in April 2016, again SG. I called at the time and asked for an ESA85. The lady I spoke to hadn't heard of it. She checked with a supervisor, told me 18 months until next one, and said she'd put it in the post. That didn't happen and I was in no fit state to chase it up at the time.

I had calculated that I was due for reassessment in October/ November. Not sure if they calculate from the form being sent, returned, or the decision date, but thought I had a few months.

I got back from the hospital yesterday to an ESA 50, this time in a white envelope.

So, has anyone else had theirs early, or is it just me???? It seems like a macabre lottery and like the ink isn't dry on the last form yet.

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

ESA confused... 10 months 3 weeks ago #194424


I'm afraid the date on the DWP computer systems is not part of the Decision and the DWP are not bound by it, the ESA legislation allows an ESA claimant to be reassessed at any time after three months have elapsed from any previous Decision.


ESA confused... 10 months 3 weeks ago #194440

Thanks Gordon.

Had another dig around the site, by the way, and realised that I wouldn't have received an ESA85 anyway as no face-to-face assessment took place (if I've understood that correctly).

So the '18 months' I was quoted was essentially arbitrary? And I'm not actually being reassessed early, as such?

With talk of deferrals and backlogs I was hoping I wouldn't be hearing for a while.

Thanks again.

ESA confused... 10 months 3 weeks ago #194442


If you did not have a face to face then an ESA85A would have been produced.


ESA confused... 10 months 3 weeks ago #194446

Aaaah, right. They didn't send anything in any case, despite my asking.

Anyway, thanks again, Gordon.

ESA confused... 10 months 2 weeks ago #194785

Hi there,

I have a couple of questions about supporting evidence. Sorry it's so lengthy.

The first is about the consultant's notes from a hospital appointment in 2016 which was so riddled with errors (including two illnesses that I don't have) that it was investigated through the complaints process. This took the best part of a year.

I received a seven page report from the hospital in which the consultant concerned acknowledges his mistakes, both he and the hospital trust apologise profusely, etc., and an apparently 'corrected' version of the clinic notes. Unfortunately, this contains further, but different, mistakes and needs to go back for further review. However, the consultant is currently on a sabbatical and will receive 'support' (go figure) from his Clinical Lead when he returns.

It's in relation to a significant illness which I need to refer to in the ESA form. I can include test results, but I'm not sure if these are useful without the full clinic notes. Any suggestions how best to approach this?

The second is about the clinic notes for a separate condition in a different hospital department which confuses test dates (a 2013 CT scan which should read 2015, and a gastroscopy in 2015 should be 2017). The rest of the info is accurate, so could I just write the correct dates on the copy of the clinic notes?

Thanks for ant suggestions.
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