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TOPIC: Desperately needing advice

Desperately needing advice 7 months 2 weeks ago #200336

Hi, back again, sorry :S My re-con came back the same, no award for either. The recon letter noted my concerns about the PA4 and it accepts the MUO is wrong as it refers to the same arm twice it considers this a typing error not an assessment one and suggests I make a complaint to atos. I phoned atos complained, received a call from someone at IAS, gave reasons over the phone stating a few specific examples, received an acknowledgement letter during the call she asked if I could also email her with details too, and that she has 20days from the date of complaint (19/10) to get the info to the HPs CM. Thing is Im not exactly sure what it is im supposed to email, is it list what the complaint is eg the report is dishonest, inaccurate, contradictory etc & give maybe one eg from each section FuncHist/MuSO&MentalSO/Justification? Or every single discrepency from every section? Everything thats wrong in the report seems to point towards events in the f2f?

Desperately needing advice 7 months 2 weeks ago #200337

Also as I have now already requested an appeal hearing, Im wondering if its better to submit the details of specific challenges now for the IAS investigation within its 20 day deadline? details that have a realistic chance in discrediting the report making it totally unreliable, or should I wait and do it in a written submission if my appeal is accepted?

Desperately needing advice 7 months 2 weeks ago #200350


Your complaint to IAS is a completely separate process from your appeal.

In terms of the complaint I would be tempted to highlight any issue that you think that there is.

For the appeal, whilst you should deal with issues in the report you should be much more circumspect and only deal with issues that relate to your scoring points.

Your primary task however for the appeal is to show that you meet the requirement for an award, showing the report is inadequate cannot achieve this on its own.


Desperately needing advice 7 months 2 weeks ago #200489

Ah ok, one my grounds for appeal is the report is inaccurate. My complaint is that the whole report is full of inconsistencies contradictions, omits info etc and has at the moment only been registered by telephone, but has been acknowledged by letter. But the lady from IAS asked me to email her too, as she only has 20 days to submit all the details to the hp's cm? So do I just list the reasons contradictios etc in my letter to register the complaint or shall I list specific examples? atos are already know the report is unreliable as just one abnormality i mentioned on the phone has led to the have one of their own HP look at the MSO examination results and thus showing that what its own results say could not have possibly happend on that day in that assessment room.

Desperately needing advice 7 months 2 weeks ago #200505


As I said earlier, your complaint is a separate process from any appeal that you might make against the Decision. I'm afraid your belief that ATOS know the report is inaccurate may be incorrect and even if they do, unless the report is withdrawn or at the very least amendment by them, it is of no value to you in regard an appeal.

Again, as I said in my last post, I would provide a detailed complaint to ATOS listing all issues that you believe that the report contains.


Desperately needing advice 6 months 4 weeks ago #201770

Hi Gordon, I received a letter from IAS today regarding my complaint, and outcome reads report lacks probing, mso is incorrectly recorded and therefore unreliable, obs lack sufficient detail and that they has discussed it with dwp as there is insufficient info to correctly advise right descriptor choices. A new assessment is required to allow more probing in order to justify Des choice. :angry: Then says a new home visit assessment date (in 2 weeks) has been arranged. As my claim has already been sent to appeal, are they allowed to do this?
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