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Re:DLA 4 PAGE RENEWAL FORM 8 years 4 months ago #13296

  • Fibromite
FRASER wrote:


You said you were wanting to save for a walk-in bath. I have severe CFS and Social Services paid for one to be fitted. It is fantastic because it includes a non-slip floor. If you ring SS and ask for an assessment for your care needs they will send someone to see you. It took about 1 year for the shower and flooring to be fitted, but it was worth the wait. They also fitted grab handles. I also had a ramp step fitted at my back door. I hope this info helps. God Bless . Jane

Thanks Jane we asked SS and they only do wet rooms not a walk in bath, we need the bath for my autistic daughter as she is getting bigger and we are finding it nearly impossible to shower her and us, plus the fact she hates the shower and screams the whole time.

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Re:DLA 4 PAGE RENEWAL FORM 8 years 4 months ago #13297

  • Fibromite
Crazydiamond wrote:

King wrote:

Hi Everyone I am new here and recently got the 4 page renewal form, as I receive care because I don't cook and mobility I ticked the nothing had changed box apartfrom my medication.

A week ago my husband answered the phone and they asked for me he said I was not available and they said "oh when she gets back" he said no she is not out she is asleep in bed, they said get her to phone back and he told them I no longer use the phone due to Fibromyalgia brainfog and my arms go into spasms so I can no longer hold anything for very long. She insisted I HAD to speak to her on the phone and to contact them before a certain time.

My hubby woke me up and said the DWP want to talk to you and they won't let you answer by email you HAVE to speak to them. He rang the number and held the phone to my ear and this woman harranged me for 10 minutes firing questions at me and saying oh don't worry "I am not trying to catch you out!" she asked me why I claimed carers allowance if I was ill how could I care for my autistic children, oh so you don't walk anywhere is that right, do you claim incapacity? No oh your husband does and doess he receive money for you.We are very surprised there was no change as we would have thought there would have been an improvement by now and on and on and on.

I said to her i was told to claim carers and if I am not entitled then tell me. How does anyone poorly or disabled care for their kids and off she went leaving me stressed and confused.

Today I receive a letter saying they are getting more information from my GP who is an arse and thinks it is all in my head so I may as well bye to my DLA and the chance of saving for a walk in bath.

What you have mentioned in your post demonstrates the problems which can occur when you divulge your telephone number to the DWP.

Although I appreciate that telephone numbers are given in good faith, it is becoming more common nowadays for the DLA Unit to contact both claimants and carers for further information in connection with DLA entitlement. However, by using the telephone as a means of collecting information there is no record of what has been said or even what has never been said, and any evidence could be open to manipulation in order to meet an objective. In your case, the potential disallowance of a DLA renewal claim.

In the circumstances you have described, you would have been well within your rights to have politely declined to discuss anything to do with your claim over the telephone. You have the right to be contacted by letter, and thereby you will have written evidence by way of a transcript of what was communicated between the two parties.

My husband explained twice that I don't use the phone and this woman was adamant I HAD to talk to her. I will refuse if it happens again, but fear what will happen now.

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Re:DLA 4 PAGE RENEWAL FORM 8 years 4 months ago #13298

  • Fibromite
lavenderlady wrote:


Now that the telephone conversation has taken place,spilt milk, What you could do is write a letter to the DWP confirming the conversation; what you were asked and what your reply was. So its a case of" with reference to your telephone call to me on the ... at .. pm", time then list the questions and your answers in as much detail as possible. Photocopy it and send it off to them.That shows them your on the ball and will put you in a stronger position if any discrepencies arise.

The DWP rang me recently wanting to check that my GP was the same. Best Wishes Jane

Thanks Jayne the problem is I can't remember exactly what was said because of the brainfog

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Re:DLA 4 PAGE RENEWAL FORM 8 years 4 months ago #13302

I do sympathise. I suffer from brainfog too so I understand how you feel. That lady I think was out of order. Isn't it awful that we can't complain about this sort of behaviour without the worry/fear that it could work against us. Jane

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