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TOPIC: esa

Re:esa 8 years 2 months ago #13310

  • helchis
hi thanks for the advice i was told if you havent worked in the last 3 years but have been claiming Ib you wount have enough contrutions to claim esa contribution based.dont want to be nosey but how long was you out of work for before you had to claim esa contribution based after losing your appeal.

ive read you can can claim contribution based jsa or contribution based esa. ive found this on the internet a just wonder if you can confirm this is correct.please see below

The first contribution condition.

In order to qualify for contribution based ESA you must have:

actually paid Class 1 contributions in one of the three last complete tax
years on earnings of 25 times the lower earnings limit for that particular year;
Class 2 contributions in any of the three last complete tax years; or a mixture of Class 1 and Class 2 totalling 25 in any of the three last complete tax years.
The lower earnings limit for the last three tax years are-

2006-2007 = £84

2007-2008 = £87

2008-2009 = £89

Class 1 National Insurance contributions are paid by employed people as a percentage of their earnings. Class 2 NI contributions are paid by self-employed people at a standard weekly rate.

Exceptions to the first condition.

Contributions in any complete tax year will count if:-

you were entitled to Carers' Allowance or would have been getting it were it not "overlapped" by another benefit, for at least a week in the last complete tax year before the benefit year in which the claim for IB is made.
you were being paid either the disability or severe disability elements within the working tax credits calculation for at least two years immediately prior to the first day of incapacity.
you are entitled to be credited with earnings or contributions, or would be
if an application was made, in respect of any week in any tax year preceding the
relevant benefit year.
you received Employment Support Allowance (based on contributions) in the
last complete tax year before the benefit year in which the current period of
incapacity began.

The second contribution condition.

In addition to meeting the first condition you must also have paid (or have been
treated as having paid) Class 1 or Class 2 contributions amounting to at least
50 times the lower earnings limit in each of the two relevant tax years.

thanks for any advice you can give.

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