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TOPIC: IB Renewal Without a Medical!!!!!!!!

Re: IB Renewal Without a Medical!!!!!!!! 8 years 2 months ago #17833

Jeff1 wrote:

Hi, great letter, may be if more people did this alarm bells might start ringing.

I wrote a letter in a very similar tone when I was threatened with an IB medical.
Decision within in a week, I was in an exempt catagory. There has not been another attempt at calling me in for a medical since.

Re: IB Renewal Without a Medical!!!!!!!! 8 years 2 months ago #17849

  • AndrewPatrick
Thank you everbody for the positive responses. I have been away over the weekend so have only just seen them. I thought perhaps the letter was considered a bit too strong by the moderators! Thanks to them for passing it as it has obviously struck a chord!

The letter was written in rage and not just for my wife but for all the other claimants who are suffering at the hands of the DWP, Atos Healthcare and this iniquitous benefits system.

I am still raging at the possibility of yet another IB50 in twelve months time. How on earth are these people ever going to find £900 million in savings if they can't get the simple things right. Stop harrassing the long term sick and disabled, simples!

I never cease to be mystified by the whole business. I am on IB myself and am due an IB50. My last medical was five years ago. I suffer from generalised osteoarthritis. If I am honest I would have to say my wife's condition is worse than mine. At the risk of counting my chickens etc., it doesn't look as if they are about to send me an IB50, it is three months overdue. There is no consistency whatsoever.

My heart goes out to those who are going to have to face the ESA inquisition on transfer at least we will be spared that as we reach retirement age before the due date.

Re: IB Renewal Without a Medical!!!!!!!! 8 years 2 months ago #17854

  • AndrewPatrick
Jeff makes a very importanat point about the effects of strong medication not being taken into account.

How often to we read on prescription medication - do not drive or operate machinery while taking this medication or words to that effect. I know from my own experience of strong NSAIDS and pain killers like Tramadol that the side effects are worse than the condition that you take them for!!

These effects will not necessarily come to light in a simple physical assessment and need to be emphasised by the claimant in any relevant correspondence and or medical.

If you are taking medication that effects your abilities to function safely then you should not be put in a position where you and others are at risk. I would have thought that there must be something to cover this in Health and Safety legislation? Always make the point in any dealings with our friends at the DWP and ATOS Healthcare (Healthcare! That always cracks me up, it should read 'Profitcare' or 'Robthetaxpayercare')
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