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This survey is now closed.  The results will be published on 28 January.

With general election campaigning now in full swing, our very brief General Election Survey has just 8 questions we'd be very grateful if you could answer, covering two topics.

Firstly, we’d like to know whether, as a claimant or carer, you think life has got better or worse under the Coalition.

Secondly, we’d like to know whether you voted in the last election and whether you plan to vote in the upcoming one – and why.

In an article written a year ago entitled ‘Could claimants choose the next government’ we pointed out that ‘Working age claimants hold the balance of power in enough marginal seats to potentially decide who governs Britain at the next election . . .’.

The question now is whether you plan to use that power or whether you believe that it makes no difference who gets in, because benefits will still be cut and claimants will still be persecuted.

The survey is completely anonymous, but we may quote from the responses on our website or in our newsletter.



#22 Matata2011 2015-01-26 18:41
Green Party, it's always been a "NO"after this speech from the leaderBy Matt Chorley, Political Editor for MailOnline
15:25 25 Jan 2015, updated 08:42 26 Jan 2 "It should NOT be a crime to join ISIS, says Green party leader who does not want to punish people for what they think" What a mess of politicians.Its either Dolphin Square issues,missing dossiers cover ups,dead historical serial child sex abusers,Cyril Smith & Co,Chilcot inquiry ,& Low Paid Britain Dispatches channell 4 all lead full circle indeed to the ilk Con, Lab, Lib.I have yet to hear ukip in this mess,that's why I will try my luck with UKIP or nothing at all
#21 Shaz 2015-01-26 18:18
I will be voting Labour, simply because I remember when I did work for over twenty years as either a chamber maid or in factorys my wages where very low 1994 I was working 50 hours plus a week in a 4 star hotel in falmouth for £1.42 an hour , they then brought in minimum wage and overnight I went from scraping by and starving to having some money left over at end of week much to the upset of the managers of the hotel , who tried at first to make the minium wages with tips but couldn't get away with it and the conservatives did and still do oppose minimum wage says it dosent work pffffft, the difference throughout the late eighties to when conservatives ruled labour came in and conservatives ruled again now I have seen the only time my life has been better and ok is when labour has been in government , its like a roller coaster poverty and worry when conservatives are in and ok just bobbing along when labour are ruling ,
#20 Stephen David Winder 2015-01-22 10:58
I like many others are disillusioned with the 3 main Parties, who, are only interested in looking after themselves & their Ilk! There appears to be NO difference in their Policies, ALL are begging for your votes just to get themselves a well paid Job, then it's a case of "Forget the Electorate how can we screw the Country for more for us"!
This "ALL in it together" rubbish has been just that! It only applies to the Sick, unemployed, Disabled. This Millionaire Cabinet are EXEMPT from any cuts, but NOT FROM TAX GAINS!
My vote will be for the Green Party even though I know they will not succeed in forming a Gov. I can see how people will vote for extremists, as the populace are fed up with the likes of Cameron, Milliband etc.
I can even sympathise with anyone who wishes to vote Communism, as it will only be the Rich who would feel the wrath as opposed to the masses.
We must be the laughing stock of the World, where our own people are living from hand to mouth, whilst we send BILLION's abroad?
-2 #19 Jim Allison 2015-01-17 20:53
I will vote, but for all three parties, standing in my area: LibDem, Conservatives, and probably Green Party. Thus my vote will be treated as a spoiled paper.

At the next election in South Lakes area (Westmorland & Lonnsdale, Labour has no chance, neither has UKIP.

I forecast the outcome of the next General Election in May 2015 will be another Coalition Govt, i.e. unelected by voters, of at least two or possibly three parties. If I'm wrong, I will donate £100 to the North West Air Ambulance, who have saved my life several times.
+3 #18 Amasis 2015-01-15 15:59

Respectfully, I didn't do any of the things you accused me (jointly) of. Regarding fascists and their attitudes to women, the historical record is there for all to read. George Santayana is an interesting read on the subject., and on political history generally.
+3 #17 wobblin 2015-01-15 14:57
Matata2011, I at no point in my post claimed to speak for women, nor did I claim UKIP voters were foolish, so please don't accuse me of doing so. That is the kind of tactic a politician would resort to in order to attempt to discredit an opponent. :-)

As for UKIP, on the day they will not get enough votes to win the election outright. Their best shot at power then is in coalition. In a Tory/UKIP coalition, UKIP would be the emasculated junior partner, in exactly the same way the Lib Dems are now. UKIP in turn would not be interested in a coalition with the Lib Dems [who would, at this point], and a Labour/UKIP coalition seems unlikely [not impossible, but unlikely]. Therefore, like it or not, a vote for UKIP is most likely a vote for another Tory government, with UKIP in a constant struggle to have it's policies even heard, let alone implemented. UKIP will then become the Tories' scapegoat for whatever unpopular policies they come up with next. Rather like the Lib Dems are now.

If you choose to vote for UKIP, then that is of course your choice. I don't, which is of course mine. My priority is the removal of the Tories, because if they regain power either outright or through another coalition, the poor and the vulnerable can wave their human rights a final goodbye. I will do everything in my limited power to prevent that, even if it means voting Labour.
-3 #16 Matata2011 2015-01-15 13:57
Hi Amasi & Woblin,please do not speak for or on behalf of women or assume they are foolish to vote for UKIP,Also what makes you think all UKIP voters are just men only?,your opinions are yours,speak for your self,you are starting to sound like the other 3 demon parties who tell voters what to think & believe & judge their independent opinions.It is the Tories who want to set asside Human Rights & continue to abuse those Rights towards the vunrable & Disabled cheer leadered by the other 2,
UKIP has never threatened to set aside Human Rights they are Universal,EU is a compeltely different establishement do not mix the two.I bet you are going to say all UKIPers are Racist,looneys or fruit cakes just because they speak the truth,they do not need a Manifesto or Policies to read from during interviews or debates,Farage, s words come from the heart & all questions are answered honestly but get twisted to suit the gullable brigade.
I am still going to vote UKIP for change & I am not for turning.Thank you. :-)
+2 #15 wobblin 2015-01-15 11:36
If the Tories or UKIP [or God forbid a Tory-UKIP coalition] come to power, then soon after they opt out of European Human Rights laws, I'd imagine any new HR legislation they bring in during their tenure will remove the right to vote from those on benefits.

"They don't contribute, so why should they get to vote?"

I think that's reason enough for us to band together to vote against them, whether or not you think it matters or makes any difference.
+1 #14 justinS 2015-01-15 11:26
A T N You bought into the "most vulnerable" mantra. We used to look after the vulnerable in our society. This government began by saying they would look after the MOST vulnerable therefore creating another strata to society.
I will vote but as yet don't know who for. I have always been a Labour man, but living in Cornwall there are no Labour candidates standing in my area.
+2 #13 Anna Farish 2015-01-15 10:49
Vote. Then follow it up - see exactly what your elected MP does stand for. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE IN THE PRESS. Use letter emails Facebook. Embarrass them into positive action - especially where Disability issues are concerned. They seem to think we sponge of the state for fun - they need re-educating. SO DO THAT. Through groups like this we band together stronger, we are all parties here yet with one outlook - A FAIR DEAL FOR BENEFIT CUSTOMERS. :-?
+5 #12 Amasis 2015-01-15 08:44
The worst thing any woman can do in this election, is to vote for UKIP. Farage's party is a new version of Germany's Nazi party and fascists, in every country they've arisen in, have always treated us women like property, like domestic slaves; in their eyes the only purpose we women have, is to breed more like them. The Labour Party having lost its principles and moral compass is no reason to condemn us to more of the public school/banker yahoos that Farage typifies and represents. You men, think of all of us, don't vote UKIP.
-1 #11 Matata2011 2015-01-15 01:43
I will definitely vote but never for any of the recycling revolving 2,Cons & Labour,never for Lib Dem anyway.Will take my chances with UKIP Policy or not because one thing I see & listen to is Farage speaks the truth & he is not a career politician,.I have never relied on Election Policies or Manifestos to make my decision,they are simply unrealistic adverts, they have no substance,lies & are never kept,
+4 #10 nicholas 2015-01-14 21:18
Quoting Catherine Parker:
all the parties are just money making machines, not interested in the public voice, and no matter who we vote for, britain is heading down the tube !!! and it is down to the Goverment who takes hold of the purse strings. We need another woman in charge to make people sit up and listen.

we don't need another dreadful person like Thatcher!
+3 #9 Albasain 2015-01-14 20:53
This election will be a close run thing with little difference being shown between the main political parties. The Coalition parties have already shown their true colours over the last administration and the are promising more of the same and worse. The Labour party is floundering behind Ed Miliband. UKIP has no real policies to call their own but would happily bed down with whoever would take them in. SNP would do the same but only to fulfil their dream of an independent Scotland. Despite some of their more crackpot ideas the Greens do have some really good policies. It will be a very difficult choice to make and I regret to say that any party other than this current Tory mob would be better.
+6 #8 robin 2015-01-14 20:34
Quoting Catherine Parker:
all the parties are just money making machines, not interested in the public voice, and no matter who we vote for, britain is heading down the tube !!! and it is down to the Goverment who takes hold of the purse strings. We need another woman in charge to make people sit up and listen.

First of all that is sexist and secondly she started this disaster we now have in our country. She used the new revenues from the north sea to dismantle our industrial and manufacturing base and created the 'big bang', deregulating the financial sector. As we have a first past the post inadequate electoral system, voting for the Greens unless you live in Brighton is a complete waste of time. Labour is the only party worth voting for. They invested in our health,educatio n and welfare system which are now being destroyed by the Tory Taliban. The Tories are destroying our society and plan to even make social housing rents 80% of market rate if they win the election. In cities like London this will mean the expulsion of thousands of people who are getting help from welfare either because of illness,disabil ity or low wages.

Vote the Tory party OUT!!!
+6 #7 hughmac 2015-01-14 20:19
While i agree with the general sentiment with respect to political parties, the Labour party are MUCH less nazi like than the Tory's with respect to disabled people. God help any disabled person (and the NHS) if this bunch get re elected!
-10 #6 CJP 2015-01-14 16:08
all the parties are just money making machines, not interested in the public voice, and no matter who we vote for, britain is heading down the tube !!! and it is down to the Goverment who takes hold of the purse strings. We need another woman in charge to make people sit up and listen.
+2 #5 Joy Boyd 2015-01-14 15:40
Take Ta look at the Green Parties policies Valerie. I am fed up with people saying to me voting for the Greens will let the conservative back in. Like Valerie I have been reading up on the policies of the political parties. The greens for me based on policies alone. I do believe Caroline Lucas is also a shinning example of what an Mp should do.
+4 #4 susie_o 2015-01-14 15:30
I agree with A T N they have behaved in an inhuman way. My autistic son is now too terrified to claim his entitlement to Income Support as they are trying to say that there has been an overpayment in 2011 (this was sorted in 2013) but they are going to take one third of his DLA which is now his only means of income.
#3 dchbrown 2015-01-14 14:42
they are all as bad as each other. voting is just about picking the least terrible of a bad bunch.

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