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The DWP have released statistics on the number of work capability assessments (WCA) that have been recorded between December 2012 and February 2014.

Claimants have the right to ask for their WCA face-to-face assessment recorded by the DWP, though this has not been extended to personal independence payment assessments. This right was not publicised until July 2013, when information about the option to have your medical recorded was included in standard letters sent out to claimants.

The total number of recordings requested in this period was 4,060, amounting to just 0.66% of all the assessments carried out. Nonetheless, 1080 of these were cancelled. The reasons for the cancellations are not given, but claimants often report being told that the recording equipment was broken or not available when they turned up for their assessment.

Crucially, the DWP have not released any information on whether claimants who have their assessment recorded are more or less likely to be found capable of work or placed in the support group.

You can download the full report from this link.


#2 sickandtired 2015-01-15 20:30
I requested a recording due to memory problems. I waited 7 months for an appointment which I then could not attend as it clashed with a clinic appointment. I waited another 5 months for my wca only for it to be curtailed 5 minutes in due to both their recording devices malfunctioning during my wca. I waited another 4 months for another to be scheduled and it was then cancelled the day before my appointment due to the HCA being off sick (really!!). 4 months later and I have still heard nothing - it is now 20 months since I returned the esa50.
#1 TraceZee 2015-01-14 12:20
I requested my assessment be recorded, as having a 'rare' condition on top of the stuffed back that it caused I often get a lot of misunderstandin g and confusion- and that's just from the nhs! It took 3-4 months to get the appointment so I rang the day I got my letter, following all the advice to ring with a week to go and got told my appointment had been cancelled as they had no one to do the assessment. I got the cancellation letter 2 days before the appointment would have been. I then had to wait another 3 months for an appointment as they had to give me one when the equipment would be available to bring to my local assessment centre! I have no idea whether it helped with my claim from their end but it helped me as I knew I had a safety net so I could relax and answer honestly and as concisely as I could. It's disappointing it won't be available when I get asked to change my DLA for PIP.

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