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“This donation is in memory of my brother Mark Wood who died due to current govt. policies and lies”

Full Fact is moving closer to its target of £25,000 to fund fact checking of the election following a donation of £100 towards their “vital work” from Cathie Wood, the sister of Mark Wood who starved to death after being found fit for work.

Mark Wood was found fit for workFull Fact team image following an Atos medical assessment, in spite of having a number of complex mental health conditions. As a result of having his benefit stopped Mark was left with just £40 a week to live on and was reluctant to seek help from relatives. When he died four months later he weighed just 5st 8lbs.

Since her brother’s death, Cathie Wood has been campaigning for improvements to the safeguards for people with mental health conditions who are forced to have their fitness for work assessed.

Along with a donation of £100 towards the Full Fact project, Cathie Wood left a comment saying:

"You are doing vital work - good luck with it. This donation is in memory of my brother Mark Wood who died due to current govt. policies and lies."

Full Fact have until 27 February to raise £25,000 to fund a six week, 18 hours per day election fact-checking project.

Funding is needed to cover start-up costs including reliable computers and fast internet as well as travel and other running costs. Their work will make it harder for the DWP, politician and the press to spread lies and half-truths about claimants in the run up to the election.

If you are able, please make a donation of £2 or more towards the Full Fact election hub. The team have already raised over £20,000 in 17 days.

Whether you are able to donate or not, you can also make a difference by tweeting, blogging and emailing details of their fundraising campaign as widely as possible.

The link for the Crowdfunder campaign is:



+1 #4 Paul Richards 2015-02-18 20:15
Hi Steve,
Yes, many thanks - your comments are very much appreciated.
All being well, they should reach the £25000 before too long!!
+1 #3 Steve Donnison 2015-02-17 22:35
Don't worry Paul. We're very committed to helping ensure that the Full Fact election checking goes ahead. We'll continue to promote it on the site and in the newsletter as well as through Facebook and Twitter.
+1 #2 Paul Richards 2015-02-17 21:59
Hi Jim,
Yes, you are so very right in what you say.
This Campaign is so extremely important, but the only thing that really worries me is if this 'headline' should disappear off of the main B&W news section (as another headline and story is added).
Hopefully, us regulars will still keep a good eye on it, but new people on here may not be so aware of this Campaign!
Somehow, we have to keep it highlighted & in the limelight!
Full Fact is so very near now at 86% of the way to the final £25000 and it is vital that this total is reached.
In the upcoming G.E. I have a feeling that most of the Politicians are going to be telling lies, mis-truths, twisting the truth, etc, etc to get as many votes as possible. This promises to be one of the dirtiest run-ups to a Gen. Election ever and with the Right-Wing Press probably controlling everything - this only leaves Full Fact to reveal THE REAL TRUTH and to dispel all of the lying etc, especially from the likes of Cameron, IDS, Osborne & McVey, as well as the DWP itself.
Full Fact MUST reach their final total so there is at least one chance of getting some fairness in this upcoming totally dreadful situation.
+2 #1 Jim Allison 2015-02-17 15:49
Will be glad to donate to such a worthy cause

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