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Just for once, we can share some excellent news that neither Cameron nor IDS will welcome.

Plus a huge thank you to everyone who responded to our request to support Full Fact’s bid to fact check the election.

With your help Full Fact have now got the £25,000 they need to launch their six week election fact checking project – but it’s not over yet.

Over 120 donations flooded in to the Crowdfunder page during the 24 hours after the appeal in our last newsletter, totalling around £2,500.full fact team

The donations included £100 from Cathie Wood, whose brother Mark Wood tragically starved to death after being found fit for work. Cathie left a comment saying:

"You are doing vital work - good luck with it. This donation is in memory of my brother Mark Wood who died due to current govt. policies and lies."

But Full Fact have until Friday afternoon to carry on fundraising. Additional donations will help them extend their fact checking to more newspaper articles, TV programmes and election broadcasts.

Cameron’s ‘obese claimants’ propaganda was just a foretaste of the misleading smears that will be unleashed in the last weeks of the election. Every extra pound Full Fact get will help them challenge such attacks.

So, if you possibly can, please donate a few pounds or publicise the project on Twitter, Facebook , forums and elsewhere.

It truly will make a difference.


+2 #2 Paul Richards 2015-02-25 23:24
Hi all,
(To continue!)
George Ian Duncan Smith - This truly hated demon Minister for 'Works & Pensions - this so called ex- 'Captain' of the Scots Guards - who, in all reality, left the Army as a lowly 'lieutenant'.
Who, is HE to dictate everything - he is a nobody - excepting a 'minimal' Conservative Minister - full of himself and himself only - looking down on all of the poor, the sick and the disabled - of whom he has no rights whatsoever.
Shame on him and also shame on his Master - David Cameron.

If you want to get him to answer to what he has done to the poor, the sick and the disabled of the U.K: - then please sign the online petition at:
+2 #1 Paul Richards 2015-02-25 21:39
Hi all,
(Not sure if my last post got through!)
From the various comments from people contributing to Full Fact, they seemingly DO NOT trust 'Politicians' or 'The Media' in any way up to the forthcoming General Election to not 'tell us lies' or give us a whole lot of 'right-wing' propaganda.
If you do not want a 'further war on claimants, the poor, the sick and the disabled', then please support Full Fact at:


to expose all of the lies and misrepresentati on plied out by the Politicians and the Media.

And then, to bring this hated DWP demon, - the so-called 'Minister for Work and Pensions' to book for his dreadful lies and cruelty to the 'most deserving' people in Britain, then please sign Jayne Linney's and Debbie Sayers online petition at:


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