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Maximus have launched a new telephone support service to help claimants complete their ESA50 capability for work questionnaire. But would you want to use it?

Maximus, or Centre for Health and Disability Assessments (CHDA), as their ESA assessment branch is known,  announced the new service last week.

The company says that it has a team of 'specially trained advisors' and that they will 'guide you through the form filling process, answer questions and recommend what kind of evidence to send in and bring to your assessment'.

According to Rob Winter, service improvement director at CHDA:

"Completing the ESA50 is a really important part of the assessment process, as it ensures that our staff have access to the most up to date and relevant information for every case. We are confident the new service will improve both the customer experience and the accuracy of information submitted on the ESA50 form”

We entirely agree that the ESA50 is an important prt of the work capability assessment process, which is why we would urge readers to consider very carefully whether Maximus are the best people to help with the task.

Nevertheless, if anyone does decide to get help from the support line, we'd be fascinated to hear about your experience - especially if you happen to have recorded it.

More details on the support service are available here.


+1 #16 Patrick 2015-10-23 01:39
Would I let Maximus help me? Absolutely not! That would be like putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank! Benefits and Work is the only help that I need, I am so glad that I am a member.
+2 #15 B H 2015-10-22 19:49
Bit like asking a Turkey to vote for Christmas No would I hell
#14 jura13 2015-10-22 16:46
No chance, it sounds both unlawful and definitely suicidal.
+2 #13 gramps 2015-10-21 14:04
Hmmmm I don't think so it almost sounds unlawful !!!
#12 David Telford 2015-10-21 13:44
The standard of help provided by the advisors could be tested. The information could be written down and then compared with that given by the guides published by Benefits and Work. It would not surprise me if some of the information was exactly the same as Maximus have used the guides as a template.
+3 #11 Effie 2015-10-16 20:14
Conflict of interest jumps to mind.
Would this be considered in any other financial situation? I think not.
It would feel like asking the other party involved in a car crash to fill in your insurance forms for you.
#10 Bill24chev 2015-10-16 16:23
If you get the right information in the ESA50 with the help of Maximus, assuming it is a HCP who actually helps with the form, it would be difficult for another HCP to disregard the evidence in theESA50 which unfortunately was common practice with ATOS and a s the same HCP's are probably employed by MAXIMUS this may still be a problem.

+2 #9 Eli48 2015-10-16 15:45
I would say conflict of interest.
+4 #8 GoingOffMyHeadWithThisGovernment 2015-10-15 11:11
why would anyone get maximus to help filling a ESA50 when they are a profit making organisation, if you wish do so by all means go ahead (Be VERY AWARE) that they are not an independent adviser.
+3 #7 wendy 2015-10-15 00:37
As above, HELL NO!!!!!!
+5 #6 Ruth parsley 2015-10-14 15:58
No definitely not
+6 #5 satmanbasil 2015-10-14 15:18
Well thats like giving the keys to the bank to a bank robber i wouldnt trust these people at all
Going on past record of WCA providers assessments what makes one think they will do there best to help a claimant beat the system they are out to break.

Nice one IDS try again we aint all fools !!!
+6 #4 cossack 2015-10-14 13:18
yeah right ............... . Good god no ! Fate worse than death in my humble opinion.
+6 #3 marie 2015-10-14 12:55
dont trust any of them
+6 #2 carruthers 2015-10-14 01:28
So which is scarier - the prospect of Maximus filling in forms for claimants in such a way as to make the claimant's application more likely to fail


People so ill-prepared that help from Maximus actually makes their claim better!

Not that there are likely to be many of the latter amongst those who have read the guides here - but there are many people who don't have the "benefit" of this site.
+10 #1 Camly91 2015-10-13 21:22
would I let them help me?... HELL NO!

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