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Maximus have unveiled a series of three’ helpful videos’ for claimants going through the employment and support allowance (ESA) assessment process.

The first video is an overview of the ESA claim process entitled ‘Before, During and After Your Assessment’.

The final video is entitled ‘Special requirements for Your Assessment’ and looks at things like home visits and having your assessment recorded.

But it’s the second video we’d be most interested in hearing your opinion on.

It’s a 14 minute video called ‘What to Expect at Your Health Assessment’ and it is a re-enactment of an ESA face-to-face medical assessment.

How closely does it match your experience, if you have had an ESA medical?

And what do you think could be done to improve it? We’d love to have your non-libellous opinions.

You can view the videos on the Maximus ‘Helpful Videos now Available’ page .


+1 #3 davo 2015-11-03 01:26
martin was found fit for work !!! ,i went on one 2 months back with depression and anxiety and sore joints ,not once did she touch on my depression and anxiety , like in the video done the whole movement thing and that was it ,i have had some sort of report back which is nothing like it was at the interview ,this video if done by maximus will only help you get took off benefits ,this assessment could be anything they want it to be ,you will fail ............
+3 #2 BrianSkye 2015-10-25 20:03
I have so far been fortunate that I have never been called for an interview for my ESA support group or DLA higher mobility award (PIP has yet to reach me) but looking at the video I'd say Martin has no chance.

+6 #1 kathy 2015-10-21 10:43
I no longer have to claim ESA as I reached my state pension age a couple of years ago. I could have been watching the Atos video here. I had 2 assessments face to face in late 2009 and mid 2011. The attitudes of the assessors were nothing like the HCP in the video. Firstly, this video is totally misleading, if only by the length of it implying that an assessments only take a few minutes. Both of mine took over 40. 2) both assessors introduced themselves with their full names and status, (doctors) 3) I was acutely aware when both assessors called me that they were observing my every movement on the way to the assessment room, and during the assessment when I got up to move around because I was becoming uncomfortable. 4) During the Q&A session they spent far more time looking at the monitor and typing than making any kind of eye contact with me. 5) Catch you out questions used, as both referred to my ESA 50 form. 6) unlike assessor in video, sarcastic and stigmatising - asked how i would get down to the floor to pick up an imaginary £5 note. 7) I have failed back surgery and cervical arthritis and at the time symptoms of a neuromuscular disease. I not assessor stated tests for power in limbs. None of the tests she performed would give accurate assessment without being hands on, similarly with range of movement. In defence of my assessors, both did proper power tests against force, upper and lower body, tested reflexes,(very important) and manual dexterity, plus plantar reflex What she did told her nothing for a fair musculoskeletal exam where, because of where reported by the claimant who reported sciatic pain which indicates neurological dysfunction. It's as though this assessment mock up is devised to not find loss of function.

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