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An anonymous survey being promoted via the Opinion Outpost website asks contributors about how they would cope if their PIP/DLA was cut by £20 - £30 a week, a worried member has informed Benefits and Work.

Opinion Outpost is a website where individuals can sign up to complete surveys in return for cash or vouchers, after giving details about themselves

Our member was given the opportunity to complete a survey for claimants of DLA and PIP.

They were asked about their award of DLA or PIP and what disabilities they have.

They were also asked about how much they spent on disability aids and related articles.

Towards the end of the survey they were asked how they would cope if their benefit was reduced by £20 to £30 a month.

Our member is very concerned that this might be a survey by the DWP and could be evidence that they are intending further cuts.

However, it could also be a charity or advocacy group wanting to highlight the plight of claimants.

We’d be very pleased to hear from anyone who can shed more light on this.


#3 Elisa 2016-01-09 20:46
My point exactly Eli48, as I stated. We would be just pretending that the powers that be love those on benefits and mean them no harm to bury our heads. Sorry you took it the wrong way, I thought it was clear, perceptions are created to make all those not on benefits, fire up like mob rule and follow the bandwagon of blame. Worse those on benefits who think they are entitled because a relative earns loads of money, or they did and are above the rest of us who they know nothing about. The statistics are never shown by the media, they do what the gov say for fear of being ex communicated from the gov gossip. Sad world but that's the way it is since the public voted by 33% of a minority public vote, to put this lot in charge of us all.
#2 Eli48 2016-01-09 20:13
Benefit scroungers? Not appropriate language on this site, thank you. It is one thing for the papers to use it, but not members.
+1 #1 Elisa 2016-01-09 13:45
Or it could be the media, looking to cause more trouble for 'benefit scroungers' !!!

I feel there is far too much 'chat' about aids, what happened to care needs or is this all about moving the whole support to aids, so that care needs get shifted to the LA. Part two of the plan fermenting in the elitist brains of the gov. Makes you think! What next? Bedlam style sanctuaries for the never to get better!

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