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Angry claimants are to march on one of six GP surgeries in Islington that is to embed DWP funded Remploy job coaches in its practice, the Guardian is reporting.

The pilot scheme allows GPs to refer patients who are unemployed and have long-term health problems to job coaches based within the surgery.

The job coaches will “work with patients to establish their previous work experience, knowledge and skills, to build confidence, set goals and identify job or educational opportunities.”

It is intended that the job coaches will have the power to write entries in patients’ medical records.

The main target of the project is claimants with mental health conditions.

There is considerable concern amongst activists that vulnerable claimants will be pressured into seeing job coaches and then further pressured into attempting unsuitable work or training as coaches attempt to hit targets.

The DPAC protest will take place on 4 March, 3pm at the City Road Surgery, 190-196 City Road, London EC1V 2QH

Full details of the protest are on the DPAC website

You can read the full article in the Guardian.


#7 Nora 2016-03-13 04:27
Reply for Mark W; the government have been able to sell your private data eg medical records since 2011 I believe unless you filled in an 'Opt Out' form which I unfortunately did not as I did not get one in the post as we all were apparently meant to. I heard about it again recently and had to push at my GP to get the new forms for local opt out and a larger scale information 'sharing' Opt Out option. I do not know if the same applies in Wales but you could find out. I found it virtually impossible to get any information on the subject even from the GP practice although eventually I got some information on the subject from the Practice Manager. Because I failed to 'Opt Out' back in 2011 when the first 'sharing' occurred apparentlyl I may well have my data 'circulating' somewhere as it has been available which I deeply regret as I have some very inaccurate insulting even comments in my medical notes from a vicious GP. Anyway why should Government profit from your private information? Why should your private GP notes be available to anyone other than your GP and you? (or a hospital obviously if necessary). I had some people telling me off in a GP practice meeting for not allowing my data to be online!!! Most people do not know the facts and I do not know them all either.
+1 #6 MarkW 2016-03-11 12:57
I saw this phrase in the newsletter :- "And many claimants will be concerned by a new pilot scheme to put DWP funded job coaches in GPs surgeries and even give them the power to write entries in patients’ medical records."
Presumably as my notes are confidential the doctor will need my permission for this DWP person to see anything anyway?

PS - Does anyone know if this is England only, or might it include Wales. We don't usually do this sort of thing in Wales!
+4 #5 DizzyLizzy 2016-03-08 18:38
OMFG! I can't think of any better way to make mental health patients worse. People won't go, meds won't get taken and who knows ...

"Job coaches will have the power to write entries in medical records" WTF!!!!!! No no no, just no. Who do these people think they are?!!
#4 johnboy 2016-03-08 15:39
this doesn't surprise me that doctors will allow this sort of thing, from my experience most of them are in the same vein as the duncan smiths of this world. they supply a scant ammount of information about your illness when it is requested for benefits and they get handsomely for it.
I've been treeted with disbelief at times until the evidence of my illness was proved, then the docs lose interest very quick.
+3 #3 angela 2016-03-06 11:40
This goverment never misses a trick to try and stop peoples benefit and make no mistake this is what this is all about doctors should not be allowed to let this happen they are there to treat us not help the goverment cut benefits
+1 #2 pat 2016-03-04 17:13
This is already happening at a Surgery near me. A young 18 year old who has only been in the job 6 months works for local housing office.

No experience with Mental health whatsoever.
+9 #1 tazman 2016-03-03 12:27
Now this really does terrify me. It will make me want to avoid seeing my doctor at all. How can our trust of doctor/patient confidentiality be relied upon? This is a disgrace and would push me into further fear of trusting anyone, leaving my home and even carrying on with a life of increasing persecution.

What next? Waiting at our front door everyday or even standing by our beds waiting for us to wake up.......

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