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The latest personal independence payment statistics reveal that fewer than half of all new claimants get an award, whilst almost three quarters of disability living allowance (DLA) to PIP claimants get an award. There is also a large difference in the success rate for mandatory reconsiderations.

Awards and rates
Statistics released by the DWP this week covered the period up to January 2016. They reveal that, excluding terminally ill claimants:

47% of new PIP claimants get an award.
74% of DLA to PIP claimants get an award.

For claimants who are not terminally ill:

37% got daily living only
8% received mobility only
55% received both

20% of claimants received the enhanced rate for both components
54% received the enhanced rate for one component

For DLA to PIP transfers only:

67% received an award at the enhanced rate
33% received the enhanced rate for both components.

Mandatory reconsideration
234,200 mandatory reconsiderations for normal rules claims had been cleared by the end of January 2016: 180,000 new claims and 54,200 DLA to PIP claims.

15% of the reassessed new claims led to a change in award.
28% of reassessed DLA to PIP claims led to a change in award.

35% of all awards were for psychiatric disorders, including anxiety and depression.
20% were for musculoskeletal disease, including osteoarthritis.

In January 2016, the average PIP claim took 13 weeks from registration to a decision being made.

You can download the full set of statistics from this page

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