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ids as draculaThere has been much justified rejoicing at the resignation of IDS and the end of his reign of terror at the DWP. But there is a distinct possibility that his absence may be only temporary.

If the British public vote to leave the EU, or even if the remain side win by only a very small margin, Cameron and Osborne will almost certainly be toppled.

At the moment Boris Johnson looks like the most likely successor as PM.

IDS will undoubtedly expect to be rewarded for his part in a successful Brexit campaign and there is a real possibility he will ask for his old job at the DWP back again.

If that is the case, will he consider himself bound by the undertakings given by Crabb and Osborne not to make any further benefits cuts in this parliament? And will he continue to be ‘New IDS’, the man who cares deeply about sick and disabled claimants?

Or will he once again devote his energies to new projects which result in sanctions, cuts and bullying claimants into poverty, relapses and suicide?

The possibility of IDS rising from the grave of his ministerial career and once more running the DWP is one that will keep some of us awake at night. And what it will mean for claimants in general is impossible to predict.


#4 annken 2016-05-31 11:55
all politicians will say anything tell any lie to get what they want they have proved it time and time again.
+1 #3 lynda price 2016-05-06 16:17
Just had first tier appeal won on enhanced mobility standard living allowance backdated to last Oct wrong date put on court signed order so have to email court for judge to correct date then realised only been awarded from Oct 15 to Sept 17 so will only have just over 12 months then have to start again is this normal now
#2 Jim Allison 2016-03-31 00:10
As much chance as me winning the lottery and I don't buy tickets
+3 #1 micksville 2016-03-23 14:36
Agree with much of this apart from one point.Though I'm all for Brexit I personally believe the vote will go Cameron's way. Narrowly. I disagree he and Osbourne would stand down in the event of a narrow yes vote. Cameron was a PR man prior to becoming an MP and if nothing else he's a master of spin. As in the scottish referendum last year he will absolutely have his party and the media spin any win, even a 51 to 49 vote as a victory for his position. He will not stand down. If IDS did gamble his ministerial career because of brexit it will fail. That said, Boris Johnson will eventually end up as leader when Cameron does step down, as he has said he wojld before the 20w0 electjon.

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