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The Daily Mirror has published a photo of yet another example of the dehumanising of claimants by staff at Jobcentre Plus. The huge poster displayed in a Jobcentre also raises the spectre of secret targets being set to get claimants off employment and support allowance (ESA).

Yardley Jobcentre Plus recently put up a huge poster entitled ‘Yardley ESA challenge’. ESA claimants are depicted as aliens in an old style Space Invaders game, being destroyed by shots from what must be Jobcentre Plus staff.

Disability Minister Justin Tomlinson told the Mirror that the poster had been taken down as it is not ‘presented in the best way’.

However, neither the minister, the DWP or the Jobcentre Plus were willing to say what the ‘Yardley ESA challenge’ is supposed to be or whether targets have been set to get claimants off ESA.

Labour MP Jess Phillips, who originally tweeted the image after being sent it by a constituent, is to meet with the manager of the Jobcentre plus to try to find out more.

Full story in the Mirror


#4 MyelopathicMe 2016-04-08 14:57
What the ....?
Am in the throes of preparing for my PIP tribunal, only to have a ESA Capability For Work Questionnaire land on my door mat this morning. Yet I'm in the Support Group indefinitely as far as I know as there is no date or duration specified on my ESA Tribunal decision ( which I won back in 2014), so feeling like I'm being kicked even more when I'm already down. What the heck is going on??? :-(
+2 #3 Windy days 2016-04-06 21:02
Yet again mr crabb will be another minister on the tory gravy train who will surpress everyone one on pip/esa yet cameron says he has,nt got money stashed away on panama pull the other one you are all bent twisted lieing scum who don,t care about disabled or mentally ill people so stop trying to convince the country that we are all lazy work shy people WHEN WE ARE NOT you never no it could happen to you or any member of your family
+6 #2 angela 2016-04-05 12:21
Well we all know Camerons father wont have done nothing wrong just like his son
+8 #1 buster 2016-04-05 02:05
Perhaps the image mentioned in the above article that depicts a claimant as an alien could be replaced for an image of a fraudulent bastard, for example, David Cameron'd father - welcome to Panama Leaks you dirty Tory scum!


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