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The government has begun a consultation on abolishing attendance allowance (AA) for new claims in order to pads the responsibility on to local councils.

Back in January we warned readers that the Conservatives had quietly released an announcement over Christmas about a future consultation, saying:

“The Government will also consider giving more responsibility to councils in England, and to Wales, to support older people with care needs – including people who, under the current system, would be supported through Attendance Allowance. This will protect existing claimants, so there will be no cash losers, and new responsibilities will be matched by the transfer of equivalent spending power. The Government is planning to consult in the New Year on this proposal, including on the right model of devolution and the level of flexibility that councils would need in order to effectively deliver this additional responsibility.”

The consultation proper began on 5 July and runs until 26 September 2016.

It is an open consultation, so anyone who wishes can respond.

One concern for may claimants is that once the principle of AA being abolished is established, how long will it be before awards of personal independence payment also end at 65?

The full consultation document is available from this link.


#5 lesley 2016-07-31 23:56
Dear Puccalove,
Carersuk.org are running a campaign. You may have to do a search of their campaign page. Found a template of a letter to send to my m.p. about the possibility of A.A. being devolved to local councils. Who incidentally have already said that they don't want the responsibility. Also sent same letter to all my local councillors. Sorry don't know how to include relevant links with my iPad. Away from home at the moment and my p.c. Not sure what good the letters will do but at least it made me feel less helpless.
#4 Puccalove 2016-07-31 16:20
This is very sneaky. At first I thought they had put the wrong link cos it's buried in a consultation about business rate retention. It seems like they are trying to sneak this thru with little fan fair so people don't pick up on it and make a fuss. I think this would be catastrophic for the finances of many older people. I don't feel able to respond to the consultation as I don't really understand it.
#3 netcoaching 2016-07-25 16:05
It was bound to end sometime and is far easier to get than PIP with no medical so they were going to get a grip on it at some point.
All good things come to an end, whats next I wonder.
#2 lesley 2016-07-13 12:36
Where are all the protests from disability activists? Am waiting to hear.
"One concern for many claimants is that once the principle of AA being abolished is established, how long will it be before awards of personal independence payment also end at 65?"
The governments says its plans do not include scrapping disability living allowance for older people. My big worry as one of those older people on D.L.A. how long will it be before they then extend it to older claimants on D.L.A. too.
+4 #1 Just Me 2016-07-11 14:26
Like everything with this government this so called 'consultation' is just to look like they're listening to the general public when in reality they have already made their decision and so AA will be done away with.

I hate this lot with a firey vengeance. :(

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