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Paul Gray, the independent reviewer of personal independence payment (PIP) has issued his second call for evidence.

He is particularly interested in hearing from claimants, carers and support workers about:

“ . . the impact of ‘further evidence’ on coming to entitlement decisions which properly reflect claimant needs and the day-to-day functional impacts of their condition. I plan to consider, for instance, how evidence that a PIP claimant has already obtained, such as a care plan, or specialist report from a health professional, is currently being used to assist the claim decision, and in what cases these may act as an alternative to face-to-face consultations”

Gray also wants to hear from people about their general experience of claiming PIP and, where appropriate, their experience of appealing a PIP decision.

You can read more about the PIP review here

You can complete the online survey here


#12 Dawn 2016-09-15 00:08
Hi I had my pip face to face ,,I was very emotional ,,, I got that dredged brown envelop ,, I got enhance rate care ,,, but low rate mobility ,,,, I need my mobiliy for getting to work ,,and for me to be independent ,,,is in reconsideration ,,II am waiting for a letter ,,, if it comes back as a no I will have to pack up work ,,, which I don't want to ,work makes me feel normal ,and gives me something to get up for in the mornings ,,,, I was told that I can get cabs to work this would cost £21 a day or to get a bus ,,, my bus stops are to far for me to walk ,,,I would be exhausted ,and in a lot of pain ,so this is not a option ,,,, my car will be going back on the 27th sept ,,, don't no what to do next ,,,
#11 alison 2016-08-20 15:52
it appauling how disabled and mentaly ill people are being treated claining PIP .ESA. .i had home assessment in april , it was rushed felt intinadated throughout ,recieved decision in june ,not awarded any ,asked for MR .was turned down again ,and now going to appeal ,,if ide known back in feb before making the initial clain over telephone what i was putting myself throrugh ide not of botherd ,as all it has done is make my MH evn worse ,your made out to feel like your a liar ,the report i had back was lies upon lies , even said they observed me working the lock mechanism on my front door , the ony time i went to front door was to open it invite the assesor in , unless they have xtray eyesight i cant possibly see how they would of witnessed this as i have a small glass window at the tp of the dorr , unbelievable outright lies,.and they seem to get away with it ,, this system seriously needs to be looked at and start treating unwell people with a bit of respect and dignity ,!!
+1 #10 Triggs 2016-08-15 12:50
I went for my PIPS assessment at Howard house B3 Birmingham.
It was very difficult to find dispote sat nav. The building is not clearly marked. I am glad I went for a dry run on the Sunday before my appointment. We had to ask a trafic warden where the building was and how to get to park outside. The assessment takes place on the 2nd floor accessable by lifts. All electronically controled for security.
I asked if I could record the interview and also for a copy of the proceedings. I had already started recording. My interviewer said she would have to check with colleage but she didnt have problem with it. So I continued to record. When I asked to use the toilet it was through another electronically controlled door. Which I had to bang on with my stick to get back into the area to get the lifts. Lots of people were late because of trouble finding the place. Parking is exspensive £6 for 2 hours unless you have a blue badge then its free. The travel instructions given by them are in feet and minutes. If you manage to walk you will qualify for mobility. The one way system and road works make this office a nightmare to get to. There is little thought to health and safety as no instructions for what to incase of fire or building evacuation were offered. This is very important to me with my mobility issues.
#9 angela 2016-08-13 13:00
Just had to phone dwp to apply for my pip form been on dla for over 20yrs have got worse over the years so dont know what will happen from now on
+1 #8 Lesley A 2016-07-24 15:52
I was receiving pip until April this year.... I had a home visit in January as my mobility has worsened... The guy who interviewed me was very early but I was up and about. I received his decision and he stopped my monies in April !! His statement was not correct in fact it was complete lies.... I appealed and was refused again... I am now having t go to tribunal .. I was diagnosed with early stages of dementia 14 months ago every day is differant for me but I manage with help from friends and family.... In the statement Iv practically been called a liar even thou they have a letter from my doctor confirming this. I am so worried about going to the tribunal... It's stressing me and I feel so anxious . If I'm asked a question I cannot lie and spoke honestly in my interview..... I'm not sure what t do .
#7 MarkW 2016-07-20 15:52
My ESA was done with a form, refused.
Then I appealed, refused.
Then went before a judge. Straightaway accepted my appeal. So I won.

Then a year later the DWP tried same approach until my local MP intervened and told them to read judges 2 year wait condition - and it fizzled out!
#6 MarkW 2016-07-20 15:46
I have DLA, and must have been in receipt for 20 years or so. I had medical exams to get it, and a couple of others to check I wasn't improving etc.. Then Medicals dried up.
Now I await an inevitable letter!
That wait has driven me to consider suicide. I am on medication, and have had counciiling.
The hospital pain clinic have put me on two course, one of 6 weeks and one of 12 weeks.
I have to build up the courage to leave the house to attend. Anxiety kicks in etc..
I have to get my mental side sorted some way before I continue coping with the pain side.

I know I am not alone, although I feel it.
Thank you for reading - thanks to this website for letting me say this. I can't do the questionnaire as I have not got the letter -
probably tommorrow.
+2 #5 Sully32 2016-07-17 23:47
filled in the survey don't no if it will do any good but something needs to be done
+3 #4 Cat 2016-07-13 23:03
Filled it in, despite very wary. Hopefully this does something to make things better.

I too was awarded only 2 points, because an advocate had to speak up for me when I was too upset. Dreadful mental health and physical issues totally ignored. They make out there's nothing wrong with me, despite solid proof up until 2013, then a clearly corrupt gp messing up my medical records/giving no help/misreprese nting me. I showed proof of complaints/abus e by mental health system (action was taken against the therapist), but they've entirely ignored it.
I am left with nothing and nobody, except myself and the truth. The dwp are corrupt, heartless, and know it. They want to cull who they view as 'less' ie who won't work/earn immediately (despite me having done back breaking care work for many years previously, and being educated/2 degrees etc). They have no value for human beings or their potentials whatsoever. Thankfully, keeping believing in myself, regardless, keeps me alive at the moment, but, if the cruelty gets even more deliberate, that's it. Things must change.
+3 #3 Bruce mccaig 2016-07-13 19:14
I've had the same thing happen on my ESA .the form which the decision was made from was all lies and bore no relation to my answer at all. My wife had to be there for me to attend when Ashe read the ESA report she was frantic about how they get away with
Worse was the fact that I recently was awarded PIP higher rate for all my disabilities .how can they make those decisions ?
+5 #2 Black Dahlia 2016-07-13 11:15
I have completed this survey. Everyone should. Tell them what a disgraceful farce the whole PIP system is.
+2 #1 Kathryn James 2016-07-13 10:55
I have been turned down for PIP and my claim was looked at again. Assessor lied on information submitted and gave me zero for everything. I have MS. She ignored recent prescriptions etc and wouldn't include anything that was pending. She had decided that I was going to be found capable of doing everything before she even met me. She was 45 minutes late and complIned that she wasn't allowed enough time between appointments. Considering this benefit is for people who work, she expected me not to be able to interact or communicate. I work in a comprehensive school, mentoring Snglish Language. Am I supposed to be sat in a corner dribbling. I have a degree with honours. I am educated but struggle with mobility! Can somebody help, please? Thank you. Kathryn

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