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The full roll-out of universal credit (UC) has been delayed yet again, with the transfer of existing claimants of other benefits to UC not now expected to begin for another three years.

In a statement made last week, Damian Green, the secretary of state for work and pensions, revealed that the transfer of existing claimants onto UC is now scheduled to take place between July 2019 and March 2022.

Green also announced that just five new Jobcentres a month will be changing over to full universal credit until June 2017. This will then increase to 30 a month from July 2017. From October to December 2017 55 jobcentres a month will go onto full service, increasing to 65 a month from February 2018 until roll-out is completed in September 2018.

When jobcentres switch to the full digital service they will be able to deal with more complex claims for UC, including transferring existing claimants of other benefits who have a change of circumstances that would result in entitlement to UC.


#1 sheilah 2016-10-02 15:22
People in Bath are already having to apply for Universal Credit, whereas before they would have applied for ESA. PEOPLE HERE ARE DESPERATE FOR GUIDANCE. We can find nothing online, people with autism are having to go to the jobcentre, which they cannot cope with, nor can they cope with applying online within a short time,after which the application is timed out and the information entered is lost. They take a long time to process questions and I cannot find specimen forms online , nor any guidance.

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